Nintendo Consoles Rendering Themselves

3D animator Elijah Robertson has done a neat thing where he "did models of Nintendo consoles as if they were rendered on themselves". So the NES is just pixels, the GameCube decent polygons, and so on.

Image: Elijah Robertson

The results are very, very cool! As elegant a timeline of video game horsepower progression as you're going to get.

Nice touch on the Switch with the running video.


    This is great. They have especially nailed the lighting on the 3D models.

    If anything, I'd say that's too many sprites for the NES - half the game would be taken up by that animation.

    Whilst these are all pretty cool, I am confused as to why the Gamecube upwards all look less than what they actually could look like. In SSB:Melee you could unlock a Gamecube trophy and it looked 10 times better than the representation here. And as for the WiiU & Switch, I'm pretty sure they have better lighting than these show, and definitely better anti-aliasing on the Switch.

    Still awesome though. I'm just a nit-picker.

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