Nintendo Switch Bending Problems Are Still A Thing

Nintendo Switch Bending Problems Are Still A Thing
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Earlier this year, there were English language reports of the Nintendo Switch warping and bending. Now, there are similar reports from Japan.

[Image: poultry_palace]

In autumn, NeoGAF noticed the issue, as did Twitter and Reddit users. This was just one of the early hardware problems, and with all those issues, it’s still hard to say how widespread this is.

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Kotaku has since reached out to Nintendo regarding the Switch warping, but has yet to hear back.

When asked about this problem online, Nintendo of America support replied, “If you’re having issues where the Nintendo Switch appears bent or warped, please contact us so we can get that taken care of for you. You can contact us at Nintendo Support, where we can get a repair started for you!”

Switch owners in Japan have been noticing that the same warping issue.

This Twitter user claims the Switch was warped only four days after purchase. Below are more photos of bent Switches.

[Image: 速報@保管庫(Alt)]

This must be even more annoying considering the difficulty of getting the hardware in Japan.

Since Nintendo can’t just patch in a fix, this issue will obviously take time to solve.



  • The switch does not heat up enough to warp its casing, the warped casings were molded like that and honestly its not that big of an issue.

  • Jesus, These ppl, “My switch is warped, See” Holds the switch in a way so as not to see it’s warped lol, Placing a ruler or set square against it (as some did) is smart.

  • If everyone actually @Nintendo or their support, they would be able to gauge how widespread the problem is.

    Otherwise you’re voicing a complaint into an empty room.

  • I sent my Switch to Nintendo Japan and they said it was “within the acceptable boundaries” and just sent it back… My Switch still doesn’t lie flat on the table…

    • I wonder where the boundary between acceptable and unacceptable is? Like is there a specific, measurable amount of curve that needs to be present before it is deemed to be no longer within the acceptable boundaries?

  • Mine is warped. But definitely not as bad as some of those photos O_O . If it doesn’t get any worse it’s not a big deal. But if it does I guess i’ll try and get a replacement.

  • Mine’s still fine, though I did get some overheat graphical glitching the other day which was concerning (especially since it was definitely cooler in my room at the time than most of the time when I play).

    Makes me worried about how Summer’s going to go.

  • a friend of mine payed $2500 for a curved TV, I got the (flat, noncurved) model for much less. these people are complaining about a feature that usually cost extra now days. they should be grateful.

    • in all seriousness though, I was pretty disappointed when I unboxed my Switch and realised the body was made of plastic and not an aluminium or similar metal. I know it saves on costs but after watching all the promo videos I just assumed it would be aluminium.
      The Switch is great, I’ve had no issues with mine and I play it fairly reg, but I advise all my friends to wait for the next iteration when they’ll have a better back catalog to play and the bugs have been worked through.

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