Nintendo's Solution To Switch Battery Issues: Let It Drain, Then Recharge It 'Several Times'

The Switch's battery indicator has been faulty for some since launch. Some users' battery will appear to drop to one per cent rapidly, even though the battery itself works just fine. With the Switch's most recent update Nintendo has offered a fix, but it's a little tedious.

The Switch's battery indicator bug looks really scary, but it's more annoying than anything else. The fix is equally annoying. In the 3.1 update, Nintendo gives detailed instructions on how to reverse the issue. The short version is that you have to charge the battery to 100 per cent and then run it all the way down two to six times. "The battery charge indicator will improve gradually," Nintendo says.

While some users have found other solutions — one as simple as turning the percentage marker off and on again — a lot of people were already cycling their batteries to fix the problem. It's something you should do when you buy new electronics anyway. This solution is so granular that seeing it all written out like this makes it feel like a real pain in the arse. Still, it's nice to see Nintendo acknowledge the problem and offer a solution, annoying as it may be.

Update: Amended the headline to quote more specifically from Nintendo's suggestion. "The battery charge indicator will improve gradually by repeating this process several times," the page says.


    If I turn my switch off completely when not in use, the battery percentage will sometimes be wrong when I turn it back on and say it's at 80% when it actually should be fully charged.

    But if I leave it in standby mode when not in use then it works fine and says 100% when fully charged. So I just leave it in standby mode all the time now, which works better for the pick up and play aspect anyway when you can just jump straight back into a game where you left it last.

    Ill wait for the 2nd iteration of the Switch I think.

      THIS, its coming across as so halve baked, I'll really glad I didn't rush out and grab one

    This is how all battery logic circuits work, so it's no big deal really. The switch had some screwy software and now they just need recalibrating.

    I mean, the way Nintendo has worded the process is hilariously complicated; a couple of normal discharge cycles will set the limits, as with all li-ion batteries.

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      Question 2. How many more heart pieces?
      Question 3. Where do i find more heart pieces?
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    What?! What are you even trying to say about the battery issues for the Nintendo Switch Are you saying that it drains and even recharges several time because our users battery drops by one percent I think it's best that I wait until you stop saying about the battery issues.

    Will this be an issue if I've never taken it out of the dock and never had it unplugged?

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