No Man's Sky Has Been Updated For The Third Time Since Atlas Rises.

No Man's Sky has been updated for the third time since Atlas Rises. The 1.33 patch fixes a lot of small issues, like missing mission markers and text truncation. It also makes it so the terrain editor isn't built with a full charge — dammit.


    Great i was waiting for this, have been enjoying the game again.

    Got a beastly cargo ship and have started a base (on a shitty planet but i need slime or something for a new warp drive), got stuck with the base mission bug and was going to sit on the game until its fixed.

    Looks like i can keep enjoying things.

      I was impatient and restarted, I honestly wasn't expecting a fix so soon.

    Now, if I could only find some antimatter

      ??? you can't craft it?

        Not unless you have the crafting recipe, which i dont because apparently you dont get it until AFTER you've used the warp drive for the first time

      ive got a recipe for antimatter. i can craft my own fuel for the warp drive thankfully. im just stuck with a shity ship that only has 29 slots, and there is a component i need to make the rover building platform for my base.
      need some $$$$$$$$ badly. ha ha, ah the joys of traversing planets of things.

        Mining still seems the fastest way to make cash. I mined asteroids for copper and nickel for a bit to repair ship slots, then filled those with gold from a planet. System didn't offer much for gold, but next one over did for a couple of hundred thou profit.

        Still don't have a base in the latest playthrough though, but that's worked so far to get me a couple of mil in reserve.

          yeah ive got about 4mil in reserve but need about 30mill to get a decent ship.
          getting a base is good. it opens up a portal that you can access from ANY space station and when you are 3 systems away from your planet with a base, you can just portal back to it and it spawns your ship there too.
          you get some cool features with a base. worth doing. i held off from doing it for a little while, but then just did it as i want to get a rover vehicle, but now i need to find some blueprints for a part before i can even build the damn things. other cool thing it lets you do is construct save points and beacons anywhere on any planet as long as you have the resources (which are common ones not rare ones). i havnt tried it yet, but i think you can build bases on any planet and make the newer build your primary planet/home base.

            Finding a planet with gravitino balls is a super quick way to amass the millions required for a big ship.

        As you fly over the planet continuously press Right on the D-Pad it'll lock your ship onto downed spacecraft without needing to find a transmission tower. I found that more (environment) hostile planets have more scattered but even on most planets you'll come across enough variety to find a 48 slotter.
        Even traveling in high-speed the ships still spawn and lock-on. I find it handy when bussing to a relic or drop pod.

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