Now Yakuza 2 Is Getting A HD Remake

Yakuza Kiwami, a HD remake of the first game in the series, is out in the West next week. And when you're done with it you can start getting ready for a HD remake of its sequel, Yakuza 2.

A preorder listing for the game (originally released in 2006) has turned up on Taiwan's PlayStation Store, mentioning the same improvements as featured in Kiwami, such as a new PS4 engine and re-recorded audio.

When this is released in the West is anyone's guess, but we got two Yakuza games (0 and Kiwami) this year. Maybe we can get both 6 and Kiwami 2 in 2018?


    Gawd, I love the Yakuza games but, considering how long it takes to get through one, this is just too much. I put an obscene number of hours into Yakuza 0 earlier this year and I'm still recovering from that. I doubt I'll be ready for Yakuza 6 at launch as it is, let alone try to squeeze these remakes in before / after it.

      Bloody oath. I made it to the final section where you're warned to create another save file or you can't return. This was at roughly 70 hours of gameplay. Thought I'd put some more time into Majima's Club Sunshine side quest. BRB, over 100 hours now. Didn't realise managing a hostess bar/cabaret club could be so addictive.

      I hear you, I just finished Yakuza 0 this week (32 hours... felt way longer!), and I initially got hype to jump into Kiwami. But now after some days have passed I've realised I need a break before diving into such a huge commitment again. I was great, but man...

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