Oh No

Here is how Sony describes this official "Limited Edition" Destiny 2 controller, which is being released in Australia and Europe this September.

The Dualshock 4 will feature a touch pad customised with the game's logo, plus the iconic character class insignia, all in striking gold — making it the perfect companion for your next raid!

Here's how I describe it:

It is literally the existing white DualShock 4 with some logos stuck on it in dumb, obvious places.

You can't even make fun of the design here, because there is none. This looks like an intern opened a folder, dragged three images into Photoshop then clocked off for the day.

It looks like a Photoshop contest entry. It looks like something I'd have bought in a Mad Catz sale in 2002. It looks like something that would be called "DuelShake Four4" on a dodgy Chinese auction site.

As someone who's deeply in love with Destiny's look, it's a shame this is so hilariously bad. The first Destiny had one of the prettiest custom PlayStation designs in history.

Oh well!


    I actually like it and itll look good next to my d1 ps4 on the shelf

    The Snark is strong with this one (and no, not the Lewis Carroll kind). Awesome :-)

    What's that lit line through the touchpad? Looks like it's got a transparent stripe that lets the lighting from the rear light through. A slight physical difference on top of the art, it seems.

      That's something they added to the DS4 when the PS4 slim was released.

      That's something they added to the DS4 when the PS4 slim was released.

        That's something they added to the DS4 when the PS4 slim was released.

          Just another wierd comment bug I guess, can't delete comments anymore either so I can't even fix it :/

    The funniest part is the fact this controller doesn't even come with the limited edition white ps4 destiny 2 bundle - that bundle only has a regular controller in it lol.

    Such a poorly designed controller, and I am also very surprised they didn't put a design on the PS4 pro they're releasing. Especially because the Destiny 2 title screen is white, while D1 had a black one

    It looks so tacky. I wonder why they need those logos and the big Destiny 2 on the touch pad - are they worried that the user will forget about playing destiny 2?

    I would gladly take the controller over the extreme level of cynicism here. Why cant this place just for once 'report' something and not burden if your own cynicism? everyones tastes are different. This is way better than that God of War one that was shown the other day. That sure looked pretty but thoroughly practical to use. (strips of leather cutting on where you would be placing your hands, it was design over a ergonomic disaster.

    Each to their own.

    I don't get it. I don't get why having a different controller with graphics on them matters when 75% of the time you wont even see it. I mean cool hang it on the mantle.

    Hey man, I did my best okay

    To be fair the customer ps4 the author loves is just a white PS4 with some graphics dumped on it as well

    When you compare to this fan-made God Of War controller, it really gets silly:


      imagination playing with that controller after a few hours, you would have deep grooves in your hand from the grips. obviously designed by someone with more interest in art than ergonomics. the D2 one may look bland at least it looks comfortable, hehe

        Well yeah, but picture that design as a painted skin - it shows way more imagination and looks a hell of a lot cooler.

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