Overwatch Fans Can’t Decide If McCree Is Hot Or Not

Overwatch Fans Can’t Decide If McCree Is Hot Or Not

Terrible news, everyone: Professional doof McCree, a fake cowboy who can’t even quote a more famous fake cowboy correctly, got hot. The Overwatch community is struggling with this sudden and confusing development.

Image credit: Blizzard.

Yesterday, Blizzard updated Overwatch with a new Summer Games event that includes a bunch of themed skins, among them a lifeguard skin for McCree that represents everything both great and terrible about his character:

Great: Abs. Terrible: Poorly dyed Owen Wilson hair, popsicle stick in mouth, “SAMF” belt, “High Tide” lanyard, and so on. Of course a middle-aged man who cosplays as a cowboy on the daily would even manage to doof up his hottest look. Of course he would.

And yet, one could make an argument that he even upstages Widowmaker, an ice-cold queen who only accepts tribute in the form of fan thirst, here:

For myself and others, it’s a conundrum. Is McCree sexy now? Is that even possible? And what does that say about all of us? If we accept that we’re collectively attracted to McCree, even if only on a physical basis, who do we become? Fan opinions are divided:








And from a Reddit thread titled “Here’s what McCree’s skin should have been”:


Bonus: Nobody can figure out what “SAMF” stands for:

In my opinion, though, it’s all really quite simple:


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