Overwatch's Next Map Is Set In Australia

One man's town made of trash is another man's treasure. Though honestly, the other man could take or leave the trash and treasure, as long as he gets to blow shit up.

Overwatch is about to get a new map called Junkertown. It's a city made of scrap and sheet metal, a slice of putrid paradise in a mined-hollow wasteland. It probably won't surprise you to learn that Junkrat and Roadhog used to live there, until the Queen kicked them out:

An escort map, Junkertown will get back to the heart of what Overwatch is really about: Yelling at teammates to get on the damn payload, then weeping incredulously when they complain about losing. Here's what the map looks like:

It doesn't have a release date yet, but it's playable at Gamescom this week. Presumably, that means it's just around the corner.


    SCUSE ME bloody Blizzard. It's 'Take Away' .... not 'Take Out'. And it bloody 'Outback' .... not 'Wasteland'. FFS! Get it RIGHT!

    Last edited 22/08/17 8:07 am

    Yes! Finally! Junkrat & Roadhog are going home folks! :D

    Hopefully that means people will stop reporting me for playing Junkrat, though I doubt it :/

    The Queen voiceover makes the Junkrat voice acting sound even worse.

      i still wanna know why the fuck they used an american instead of an actual New Zealander and Australian. for Roadhog and Junkrat. wtf Blizzard

        They're both Australian though.

          i thought Roadhog was supposed to be New Zealander

            From the wiki: It is highly likely that Roadhog is of New Zealand Maori heritage due to his real name (Mako) and alternate skin titled "Toa" which is the Maori word for "Warrior". "Mako" is also the Maori word for "the shark" or "a shark tooth" which could explain Roadhogs shark headed alternate skins.

    I know it's part of their characters but does most of the world think that Australia is Mad Max in reality

      have you seen the americans answer questions about ANY sort of geography, they dont even know their own country let alone other countries.

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