People Are Rediscovering The Beauty Of No Man's Sky

Image: Reddit (Omkitron)

With the release of the recent Atlas Rises updates, people are flocking back to No Man's Sky in the thousands. And while the new additions don't correct all the game's faults, it has been a good reminder that No Man's Sky can be one pretty, pretty game.

Even a year on, there's still something about No Man's Sky in still shots that draws you in. Maybe it's the vibrance. Maybe it's just the idea of space.

Either way, NMS can be gorgeous to look at. At least when derpy dinosaurs are out of the shot.

The latest patch has added a bunch of new "exotic biomes", which resulted Kibbies052 discovering this:

Image: Reddit (Kibbies052)

It almost looks like another game entirely with the polygonal hexes.

No Man's Sky Players Are Finding Cool New Biomes In Latest Update

Atlas Rising, the latest No Man's Sky patch, promised players "increased biome variety and rare exotic biomes".

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Image: Flickr (Yohan Tardy)

Image: Flickr (Yohan Tardy)

People are even producing some incredibly funky stuff in photo mode, like this cracker:

Image: Reddit (EiWaster)

Image: Flickr (Yohan Tardy)

Image: Flickr (..amoebae)

Image: Flickr (miky_magawolaz)



    Daaaaamn, I never once argued the beauty of it.

    Except the one planet I found where everything looked like a dong.
    Those multi pronged mushroom "trees" still haunt me.

    I started a new game last night. Game is as relaxing as I remember. So good. I hope the new 'story' add some purpose to end game. I couldn't bring myself to get to the centre of the universe.

    its great now that the hate train that derailed its launch, whether somewhat justified, in others not in remotely, has left. People these days have really have lost the ability to see beyond something's flaws and try to find things to value behind the problems. The problem with those of us who were admiring the game on the ways it did match our expectations, we were apparently part of the problem and SJWs and the like. Nope we were just just players giving credit where credit was due while not getting bogged down in all the rest of the mayhem. Hate trains were never my thing, except for Hanzo mains. But they have it coming, grin.

    I only wish I had more time to play something like this at the moment.

    the new update has added so much diversity to every aspect of the game, new alien skins, planet terrain and biome changes, flora and fauna are no longer the same recycled pieces over and over and the density of them is crazy! I've had some pretty bad frame drops due to the quantity of fauna on around me. I'd like to say it's a whole new game but it's still the same, it's just better, theres more to explore and do. the addition of missions is a great distraction from grinding for materials.

    I'm going to have to take a break from Persona 5 and boot this up again in the coming days. Turning off the music and playing a synth-wave (think 80's SciFi scores) playlist on Spotify is a really relaxing experience.

    I really want to go back for another look based on the reactions I've read so far. Just need to find time amongst all the other games I'm trying to play...

    I just started playing Just Cause 3, but I really want to jump back in to NMS. Do you have to restart the game to get the new story, or can you continue on your old game?

      You can continue from where you were, but I'd recommend a fresh start. I really am enjoying the way the game plays now, and I sometimes get the feeling that there is too much to do, instead of too little, which is a great change! The base building is really important to advance your tech, the old story seems improved, and the new story are all going in my new game and then the generated quests are a nice option if you want some added direction as you explore random planets. I also am enjoying space battles for the first time. The added ship weapons are fun. Seem to be a handful of glitches, but generally a really enjoyable experience! It seems to be much more challenging to make money, too, which I also think is an improvement.

        Oh bugger! It's going to be hard to move on from all the hours I've put in so far. I might have to bite the bullet and restart.

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