Persona Q2 Announced For Nintendo 3DS

Persona Q2 Announced For Nintendo 3DS

Atlus launched a teaser sign with the Persona 5 catchphrase “Take Your Heart” and the Arsene top hat logo. Below that, it reads Persona Q2 and Nintendo 3DS. That’s about it!

No word yet on when Persona Q2 will be released in Japan or internationally.

The previous game brought together cuted-up versions of Persona 3 and 4 characters to battle their way through dungeons. It seems logical that kawaii Persona 5 characters will star in this fan service sequel.


  • Eh I lost interest with the first one so I’m not that keen.

    …..waits fore ATLUS CE preorder….

  • That’s OK Kotaku, don’t bother writing about the two Vita/PS4 Persona games that were announced at the same time.. SMH

  • Kotaku you don’t need to file a report about Persona Q2 what you should be reporting is when will Atlus port Persona 5 on the Nintendo Switch.

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