Pikachu's Vagina Jumping Castle Makes Anime Cameo 

Way back in 2000s, a photo surfaced of a Pikachu jumping castle with an entrance at the character's crotch. It would go on to spawn a "Pikachu's Vagina" meme. That jumping castle recently made a cameo in the latest Pokemon Sun and Moon anime episode.

[Image: lanapoke_bot]

Via FunnyJunk:

[Image: FunnyJunk]

The meme didn't explicitly get a mention in the episode, but there the infamous jumping castle was.

"I've seen that somewhere."

Unfortunately, the jumping castle pops in the episode after Jessie lands on it.

Since this is what actual, official Pikachu jumping castles look like in Japan, the anime isn't intentionally being lewd. The jumping castle, on the other hand...


    Can't we just let children play in a jumping castle without all this extra baggage?!

    Mind out of the gutter people! :p

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