PlayStation's Twitter, Facebook Accounts Briefly Hacked [Update]

PlayStation had its Twitter and Facebook accounts compromised earlier today.

The group OurMine appears to have been behind it, the same team that gained access to HBO and Game of Thrones' social media accounts a few days ago.

They had enough time to send out a few tweets and Facebook messages before being locked out. It was mostly harmless stuff, like the #DramaAlert hashtag below, but there was also a claim that the PSN databases had leaked:

Along with a follow-up tweet that said:

Sony quickly regained access to the accounts and deleted the OurMine tweets/posts. It's an embarrassing slip-up from a major platform holder (remember Xbox Support in 2014), but then, when it comes to PlayStation and online security breaches, it could always have been a lot worse.

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UPDATE (7:18pm): Added confirmation that Facebook was compromised alongside Twitter.


    What the fuck Sony. Have you learned nothing?

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