Popular Twitch Streamer Banned From Battlegrounds After Exploiting Glitch

"I'm getting banned, dude," Twitch streamer Destiny laughed to his viewers yesterday while running over Battlegrounds players with a jeep. Vehicular manslaughter is something the game actually encourages. But although it didn't look like it, a lot of those players were actually inside invisible houses. Destiny was apparently taking advantage of a glitch, and in the process, stole a half dozen kills.

Destiny is a big League of Legends streamer who also made a splash in the Battlegrounds community. With nearly 200,000 followers, he's a significant personality on Twitch. But just as with Battlegrounds' most recognisable streamer, Dr Disrespect, just because he's famous doesn't mean he's immune from getting banned.

After foretelling it, Destiny was, in fact, promptly banned from Battlegrounds. It seemed he was brazenly using an exploit — that the houses didn't load in his game, so he could see and drive through them — to get the best of his opponents. On stream, as Battlegrounds' "You have been banned" message flashed, he didn't seem surprised. His fans certainly did.

Destiny didn't go out of his way to break the game and take kills. But not ignoring the glitch — one that a lot of people experience — is what likely got him banned. That's why his fans keep arguing that, as long as he didn't hack the game himself, the punishment was too severe.


In fact, it's still against the rules: "Do not exploit bugs or glitches: If you find a bug or a glitch in the game that provides an unfair advantage, let us know about it instead of using the exploit for your own benefit." If he was playing by-the-books, Destiny should have simply ignored the glitch. Glitches are common in early-access games and Battlegrounds is still in the process of being optimised.

One fan, however, got their point across perfectly: "He should be banned just for the smugness at using an exploit."


    I would ban him for being a League of Legends player who calls himself Destiny.

      I would ban him for being a League of Legends player

      FTFY xD

      His name has been Destiny for a very long time - he was a Starcraft 2 player originally, and has played long before the announcement of Destiny the video game

    seems like a pretty big bug thats as big a downside for him as it is for people against him. if he didn't have a vehicle then he has no idea where cover is right? and without the buildings is he even able to collect the loot that would usually be inside? in a dog eat dog game like that it's kill or be killed. not his fault the game is broken.

      Exactly. What are you even supposed to do here? Pull up behind what you hope is a wall? Quit the game? If this is a perma-ban I'd be very upset

        i've had this bug too, it was less glitch more bug... as i did nothing to initiate it

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