Rick & Morty Season 3 Will Air On Netflix Every Saturday

Image: IMDB / Rick and Morty

It's on a week delay, but Netflix has announced it will be showing new debuting new episodes of Rick & Morty Season 3 on Saturdays.

It could be better, but on the flipside it could also be a whole lot worse. At least now there's a fairly straightforward way of watching the show in Australia.\

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    This is something they should have been advertising. It's not often they get stuff that is not their own content this quick.

    I'm not a fanatic of the show and only recently started watching it so I don't really 'need' to see it straight away. People were acting like it was Game of Thrones in the last thread, that everyone watches and talks about the next day.

    Super happy. Haven't watched a show since Invader Zim that held up to so many repeated viewings <3

      That's what has probably impressed me most with R&M. The quality after a half dozen or more screenings just hasn't dropped off in the slightest. If anything, most of the ep's have gotten better.

      First couple, not so much, but I put that down to the show finding its feet, but after that I can happily binge all of them. Which I do every few months. I put it down to the pop culture references they stick in, and how they make every episode different, yet still familiar.

      Its also one of the best examples of science fiction you'll come across as a result.

        It is some of the hardest, silliest sci-fi out there... yet, it still has a solid heart, beating beneath the nonsense. And you're right... I was watching the Wedding squanchers last night and I still caught stuff I missed.

        Every time I meet someone now, I tell them to watch S02E06. "Keep Summer safe" lol

          My goto ep is S1E10 Close Rick-counters of the Rick Kind - the Council of Ricks episode. In its bizarre R&M way, it does a surprisingly good job of explaining the concept of the multiverse the series is based around.

          Backup ep is Rick Potion #9

        The Zardoz episode made so much more sense once my boss told me to watch Zardoz.

      Do we have Zim available to Aussies or must I don an eye patch? I haven't seen that show in so long.

        Unsure. Most likely the same "DVD" box set available forever. Haven't checked.

    I am OK with this.

      Yeah, a week delay on netflix is something I can support. If Game of Thrones were on a similar situation instead of only on Foxtel Now, then I believe piracy for that show will drop dramatically

        Preaching to the choir, friend :(

          Simple models don't sound profitable to big execs. I mean you go with easy and affordable distribution for all and the lost "profits" from piracy just disappear. The folks at foxtel seem to think restricting the market just means all the traffic will go to them when it actually makes consumers go around them to get what they want

            "Scarcity" in business is simply par for the course in driving up value. Look at Apple. And Nintendo.

              there's a difference between flooding the market and creating such artificial scarcity that an entire flipping markets are based around it. RIP my collection of Nintendo minis.

                Huge difference. But they are both still cases of scarcity.

                  Oh I wasn't trying to argue your point I completely agree. I just think Nintendo is screwing themselves over by not finding a better balance. The fact that eBay flippers are making more profit per console than Nintendo is testament to this >.<.

    BOOM. Yeah, I can wait a week. Good shit, Netflix!

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