Robots Want All Our Ice Cream Jobs

Robots Want All Our Ice Cream Jobs

It isn’t just the factory jobs that robots are taking, but the ice cream ones. For example, look at Yaskawa-kun, a robot that serves soft serve ice cream in a cone. The bastard.

[GIF: torachitech2]

Yaskawa-ku has been doing this for years.

After putting in a ¥100 coin ($1.15), you select what you want via touch screen, and then Yaskawa-kun gets to work.

Yaskawa-kun sure is stingy with the strawberry sauce. That’s because Yaskawa-kun has no heart.

This isn’t the only ice cream robot in Japan.

This Japanese sweets shop in Nagano also has an ice cream robot (below).

There are other ice cream robots around the world. Like this one in Singapore.

Shenyang, China.


Earlier this year in San Francisco.


They will not stop until all the ice cream jobs are theirs.

(GIF: torachitech2)

[GIF: torachitech2]