Rocket League For The Nintendo Switch Has The Weirdest Cars

Oh my god.

Even Samus has her own car.

It looks like this.

I might have to break some rules and get this game on a second platform. I got it free for the first time. That justifies me wasting money, right guys?


    Don't like the Mario cars, but damn, that Samus one is pretty sweet!

    I love the Mario Bros. cars in Rocket League but damn the Samus Gunship from the Metroid series is going to be in Rocket League as well I can't wait to get those free exclusive cars at launch when Rocket League for Nintendo Switch get a release date in the holiday season later this year so I'm going to sit back fasten my seatbelts and put it in gear because Rocket League on Nintendo Switch is definitely going to be my next sporting game.

    Mark, just stick it in my veins please. Rocket League is the only game I've played on my Xbone since getting my switch and Zelda ( the xbox controller now feels completely alien and potato-like , which is really odd but strangely liberating ! ), so this little union of Ninty and Rocket League is going to be more than worth the double dip.
    I will even buy some crates, because Psyonix are dope, and developers like them are rare. I only wish they'd hurry along development, so I can throw my money at them.

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