Despite Mark's epic hubris surrounding his Scribbletaku from yesterday, @dre666 managed to guess Atic Atac in 8 minutes. Sorry, Serrels.

Alex is still in Japan, so I'm having a crack with this garbage fire of a drawing.

Good luck!


    Actually, it's Monty Python's Flying Circus.

      Well, it was high time for something completely different.


    If it's any consolation Tegan, your expressionist art skills are probably still better than mine!

    Remember The Incredible Machine? That was a fun game. Not the one in the picture, but fun. That's my guess.

      I actually played and finished The Incredible Toon Machine back in the day.

      Miss those fun days at times.

      Really should try and find the disk before is dies.

    Pretty sure braaains has it but if not Maths Blaster

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