While I'd like to think Mark's cameo was truly challenging, most people guessed Atic Tac pretty quickly. Part of the fun is when everyone gets to dig into their gaming memories though. As for my scribble a couple of days before, that was Re-Volt, while Tegan's was Monty Python's Flying Circus.

In any case, I'm back and it's a new week. Let's see how well I can trigger your memories today.

Good luck!


    *ahem* I believe Aticatac was Thursday :P

      You're right! (I checked the previous entries by tag, but Friday's wasn't tagged so it didn't come up in the search results.) Anyway, fixed up and added Tegan's entry in.

      I'm sure nothing bad will happen to me.

    Is it the room placement tool from theme hospital? (Also replied on FB)

    War of the Lance or maybe Warlords I I

    It looks kinda familiar, I think it's a moveable block of some description but the game it belongs to escapes me at the moment.

      Either that or it's a command icon on a UI for an RTS game but again, it can't remember what game it could be from.

        Mmm yeah the latter, it's Theme Hospital (valla above got it first).

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