Nobody guessed yesterday's game, surprisingly, which was Alien Breed. Normally I would do a second drawing, but it's kind of difficult to redraw the same character twice and there are so few distinctive HUD elements and other characters (I can't drop a top-down alien, I'm sorry) that a second clue wouldn't really help.

So my bad. Have a fresh game to guess instead.

Good luck!


    Full Spectrum Warrior

      That was my immediate thought too - but now i can't find an example of a screenshot to confirm my memory.

    Its the Attack Ground command icon from either Dawn of War or Company of Heroes

    I guessed Alien Breed on Facebook (8 hrs later) but deleted my post when I saw that @germinalconsequence already got it right in the original thread.

    Diablo 2

    Microsoft Golf - Extreme Edition

    or possibly Command and Conquer: Generals

    Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag ship battles when you fire your broadside cannons. Could also be AC: Rogue as that also had ship-to-ship combat.

    No idea, but I'm really enjoying the shading of that explosion.

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