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It didn't take Gemini long to nail yesterday's game as the original Tempest. Did you know there's a new Tempest in development, by the way? Won't be surprised if it ends up on that new Ataribox.

Anyway, new day, new game. Let's see if your guessing chops are up to scratch.

Good luck!


    One I know for once.
    BroodWar - It's the Zerg Melee Attack Upgrade
    Pretty solid drawing too. :D

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    Starcraft. It's the zergling attack speed upgrade?

      Lesson learned: next time I'll just say the name of the game instead of typing for extra precious seconds :p

    Starcraft? Instantly reminded me of a zerg upgrade.

    Wouldn't be surprised, given that the remake just came out.

    Starcraft Zerg melee attack upgrade in the evolution chamber.

    As others have already said, it's the melee attack upgrade in the original Starcraft/Brood War.

    I'm going to go for something completely out there and say it's Starcraft.

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