It is time to invoke the ScribbleTaku paradox. When I try really hard to make ScribbleTaku difficult, y'all guess it in seconds.

When I think it's too easy no-one can guess it.

I don't want to let you know which category this falls under, because that would be a subtle clue.

Good luck.


    Colin McRae Rally?

    I got nothin. Gfx look too pretty for a Spectrum game though... :D

    When I think it's too easy no-one can guess it.

    That's because you cheat and use ZX Spectrum games which only two people in all of Europe bought.

    Anyhow, is it MSR on the Dreamcast?

      I had a BBC Micro and grew up on a farm in middle of nowhere. Guess how many other farmers had a BBC for their kids? Yep, Zippo!

        Sorry, I was being a cheek. Despite me hazing the Spectrum I know the reality.

        If the Spectrum didn't happen, I doubt anything between the Amstrad to the BBC Micro to even today's Raspberry Pi would not exist.

    Advance wars? Looks like the movement arrow to me


      hahah that was my first thought too, but I couldn't find any screenies with that particular style of arrow

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