Hell_Rok — you ruined the paradox.

I thought everyone would guess Monday's ScribbleTaku super quickly, turns out it was harder than I thought. But then Hell_Rok 'rokked' up and correctly guessed that my drawing was Advance Wars. Well done!

Good luck with today's effort!


    binding of issac ?

    Rush 'N Attack

      ...also known as Green Beret in the UK... one of those regional title change things.

        lol I didn't know that.

          I didn't either - I'd never heard of Rush'n Attack! So I googled, saw the images and went "oh, looks like Green Beret... wait, it's Konami. All the assets are the same. IT'S THE SAME GAME."

          Anyway, played it on my Amstrad.

          Rush 'n' Attack. Height of cold war and had to retitle from Russian Attack.
          Loved the flame thrower and hated the flying kick baddies!!

    Sorry Serrels, but I spent way too many hours playing that game to not recognise that arrow!

    cake cutter professional unlimited edition with all the dlc

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