So people got close yesterday, but not quite on the money. Those that guessed a boxing game were halfway there, but nobody got the exact game.

It was TV Sports Boxing, rather than 4D Sports or Barry McGuigan's Championship Boxing. I did like the guess about HTML Coder Hero, though.

But alas! People were close enough to justify drawing a new game today. Also, there's only so many hints about boxing you can draw.

Can you guess today's game?


    Rogue or one of many Rogue-likes.

      A game I recognised for a change. This looks like it's from the PC version, since the doors are rendered with ╬.

    Does Nethack ever get that detailed? Probably not.

      Still one of my favourites, and it comes with a half dozen or so different tilesets to choose from these days. Some of them are... I was gonna say quite detailed, but let's go with "a lot more detailed than the default ASCII graphics" instead.

    If not a Rogue/Nethack decedent, it also looks like one of the Kroz games like Kingdom of Kroz.

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