Shenmue 3’s Trailer Is Real Bad

Shenmue 3’s Trailer Is Real Bad

There may be a good reason Shenmue 3 has been delayed by almost a year: The game’s first proper trailer, released today, looks like arse.

This is a PlayStation 4 game.


  • The kickstarter email refers this as a progress video. I’m hoping it’s just like pre-visual animation, because it just looks like the facial animation isn’t done yet.

  • Actually, I’m not much bothered. Yeah, the characters somehow manage to look worse than they did on the Dreamcast (like plastic mannequins) but I’d attribute that to them very obviously not having proper (or in Ryo’s case, any) facial animations coded in yet. So OBVIOUSLY it’s going to look a lot better on release, because this is very clearly incomplete work. You WANT them to be working on the fine visual details last, not rushing to polish the graphics in order to get a first cinematic trailer out and neglecting the important work, the GAMEPLAY.

    While Shenmue I and II may have been the most gorgeous games of their time, it was never about the graphics. It was the story and the gameplay. As long as that delivers, I don’t care how shit it looks. I’ve never been a graphics whore. Actually, I’d be rather comforted if it didn’t look too dissimilar to the previous games.

    • Actually Shenmue 1 on the Dreamcast was all about the Graphics! They were groundbreaking at the time and there was nothing in comparison to it. To say that Shenmue 1 wasn’t all about the graphics my friend, i’m afraid you must not remember or know much about the Dreamcast era.

  • Of course, because how it looks will determine how it plays?

    It’s far from cutting edge graphics wise, but I don’t expect the majority of backers care so long as they get a follow up to the last game?

    As a non-Shenmue-r I am purely speculating but I wish we could get past the ‘bad graphics=bad game’ idea that is almost constantly perpetuated.

    Undertale as I recall did ok, and that too is a PS4 game?

  • Horizon Zero Dawn looked beautiful, but the game was boring to play.

    Graphics don’t mean anything if the gameplay is crap.

    • Graphics are everything. Don’t ever forget it. Horizon Zero Dawn was crap because of the it’s type of setting and genre which I blame on this generation of people/players… because quite frankly you all suck.

      • Graphics aren’t everything. If they were, games from the 8 bit and 16 bit generation wouldn’t be so fun to this day.

        The game was crap because it was crap. Simple.

  • I was actually pleasantly surprised. It does look rough in many ways but it also looks like the Shenmue I think I remember, which is the least I could ask as I don’t expect the franchise to compete even remotely with modern games.

  • *shrug* I think Kotakus overreacting. Motion capture looks pretty decent. Facial animations need to be done but the stylised choice keeps the visuals in line with the previous two games?

  • The characters look stiff and wooden, but the environments look nice enough. And the music is beautiful.

  • The main character looks like he starts and ends every conversation with punching someone

    • Hahah now that I think of it. That’s all you did in the first game… oh that and drink cans of soft drink and drive a forklift! Cutting edge stuff at the time 😛 The music was great though 🙂

  • In the end, I’m expecting Shenmue III to unspectacular graphics-wise, but be full of content with hundreds of hours of gameplay, kind of like Yakuza 0.

    • How good is Yakuza 0. I am at the final mission but just delaying it and building up my Pachinko and Hostess empires and buggering about with the remaining side missions. Its the most fun I have had in a single player game for ages.

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