Slime Rancher, As Told By Steam Reviews


    It's true, it's such a happy fun game. It reminds me of viva pinata in some ways. It's insanely addictive and fun.

    thought id give it whirl seeing its a games with gold game, wasnt expecting much and quickly lost 12hrs in a sitting, strangely addictive

    Oh look another game with 0 substance that people apparently 'like' because that's what everyone else on social media is saying.

      No, it's a game with 0 substance that people actually like because it's an enjoyable experience. I picked it up on Games with Gold without any prior knowledge of what social mesia was saying. My non-gamer wife saw me playing it and wanted a turn and I watched her play it for like a week.
      Yes, I sat there and watched as she played an inane first-person farming sim with little challenge and little substance. And I liked it. It doesn't make any sense.

      Yes, I too am looking forward to 20th Century German Philosophy Simulator 2018.

      "Oh look, a game that a lot of people like but I don't. It's clear that they are weak-minded imbeciles who are objectively wrong."

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