Slime Rancher, As Told By Steam Reviews

Slime Rancher, As Told By Steam Reviews

Real world got you bummed out? Steam users recommend Slime Rancher.

In Slime Rancher, you ranch slimes. According to these Steam reviews, it’s Mister Rogers levels of positive and affirming. It’s also really, really cute, and apparently there are cat slimes. Basically, it’s the game of the year.

You can check out more reviews for Slime Rancher here, or read our ongoing “As Told By Steam Reviews” feature here.


  • It’s true, it’s such a happy fun game. It reminds me of viva pinata in some ways. It’s insanely addictive and fun.

  • thought id give it whirl seeing its a games with gold game, wasnt expecting much and quickly lost 12hrs in a sitting, strangely addictive

  • Oh look another game with 0 substance that people apparently ‘like’ because that’s what everyone else on social media is saying.

    • No, it’s a game with 0 substance that people actually like because it’s an enjoyable experience. I picked it up on Games with Gold without any prior knowledge of what social mesia was saying. My non-gamer wife saw me playing it and wanted a turn and I watched her play it for like a week.
      Yes, I sat there and watched as she played an inane first-person farming sim with little challenge and little substance. And I liked it. It doesn’t make any sense.

    • “Oh look, a game that a lot of people like but I don’t. It’s clear that they are weak-minded imbeciles who are objectively wrong.”

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