Smash Pro Dances His Way To Doubles Victory

Smash Pro Dances His Way To Doubles Victory

Zack “CaptainZack” Lauth is usually known for his dancing outside of Super Smash Bros. For The Wii U, but in the doubles finals at Low Tier City 5, he ended a match with a little in-game flair too.

Lauth was playing alongside his Phoenix 1 teammate Gavin “Tweek” Dempsey in the Smash 4 doubles grand finals, and were one game away from taking home the win against ZeRo and Mistake.

Having taken ZeRo out of the game already, Lauth let Dempsey handle Mistake’s Bayonetta while he celebrated a little on the corner. But when Mistake bounced Lauth’s way, he couldn’t exactly resist landing the last hit.

Ending the match with some flair seems only fitting for the Bayonetta known for his stage persona as much as his play. Lauth and Dempsey took home the doubles win 3-1.

While doubles have wrapped up, you can rewatch the rest of the singles bracket, where all four of these players are competing in the top eight.