Some Amazing Cosplay From Adelaide's AVCon

It's no secret that I'm a huge fan of Adelaide's cosplay scene — the sleepy South Australian capital constantly defies expectations and produces some incredible talent in both cosplay and cosplay photography. Last week they all got together for AVCon, one of Adelaide's biggest conventions, which combines some of the best parts of a comic con, an anime convention and a video game expo.

Image: SFX Images. Cosplayer: T_T Costuming
Image: SFX Images
Image: SFX Images. Cosplayer: Cora Ven
Image: SFX Images. Cosplayer: Clara Skye Cosplay
Image: SFX Images. Cosplayer: JusZ Cosplay
Image: SFX Images. Cosplayer: Breathless_ness
Image: Creed Photography. Cosplayers: Kaye琦 Cos and YiQi Wu
Image: Creed Photography. Cosplayer: Ashleigh Priest
Image: Creed Photography. Cosplayer: Caleb Paz
Image: Creed Photography. Cyndal King
Image: Creed Photography. Cosplayer: Hayley Elise

And yes that's yours truly on the right there — I also presented a panel on the history of cosplay which you can catch below:

For the full AVCon experience (and a much higher quality video) check out this highlight video from Heroes of Play:

Do you know any of the cosplayers who are uncredited? Let me know in the comments and I'll add them in!


    Oh god dammit. I totally meant to go down to the photographer dudes and get some actual pictures for once, but the stupid comp took so much time I completely forgot.

    Bloody weekend wouldn't let up.

      Sunday comp? It was heaps short compared to every year that it goes on forever. Who did you go as?

        Took along LeChuck, though even with all the time I had still didn't finish it to the point I wanted.

        Went on forever for me, all up I got to spend maybe two hours tops hanging out with my friends that day. And got to play I think two, maybe three rounds of Splatoon.

    This is a great - the costumes at AVCon were awesome this year - buuuut I would like to drop a quick note and say that I don't know how Adelaide is 'defying expectations', nor do I think that it's all that 'sleepy'. I'm all for friendly banter and rivalry between states but this sort of thing always strikes me as a little unnecessary, and it gives the impression that we shouldn't expect much from the people down here.

    This is a great gallery, but that struck a nerve with me! I know this article is praising Adelaide, but this sort of wording makes it sound like more of a backhanded compliment than may have been intended.

      No harm meant by it -- I love Adelaide a lot, but even my friends who live there will ask why I want to come visit so often. Just riffing off that state/city banter is all!

    Well done folks, you have done the country proud, showcased some amazing work and reminded me that I'm a bit of a perv.

    Seriously though top notch.

    My wife has cat ears, I'm reminded why now - Reow! And the Alice chick really is transcending that image, its like a mood has been captured, really deep and amazing.

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