Someone Is Trying To Remake Diablo 2 In StarCraft 2

Someone Is Trying To Remake Diablo 2 In StarCraft 2

For years, Blizzard faithful have been clamoring for a remake or remaster of Diablo II, and now that StarCraft‘s remaster is fresh out of the hatchery, they have only gotten louder. One fan is trying to give them the next best thing.

The Curse Of Tristram is a mod project that aims to create an updated version of Diablo II inside StarCraft II, despite the fact that the former is an action-RPG and the latter is a real-time strategy game.

While you'd think Diablo III would make more sense as the vessel for this act of video game necromancy, it's not easily moddable, while StarCraft II's map/mod-making tools are pretty dang robust, all things considered.

It's a titanic undertaking, but creator Etienne Godbout has been working on it since 2014, and he's made some impressive progress:

Godbout is supporting the project with in the past, so maybe it will give this one a pass too.

It's worth noting that StarCraft II already contains an arcade minigame named after another Blizzard classic, The Lost Vikings, meaning that all we need to do is cram Warcraft, Heroes of the Storm, Hearthstone, Overwatch, Blackthorne, and Rock 'n' Roll Racing in there, and we'll have a full set.


  • Haha, why does this visually look better than Diablo 3?

    Maybe blizzard were wrong about their “colours are good etc”
    Maybe the art director really screwed up, or wow has changed their art direction for the worse?

    • It does not look any near as good as Diablo 3 in any form aside from nostalgic angles. Colours are muted & flat with a lack of texture detail due to the original not having that much because of PC limitations. You got some strong rose tinted glasses on if you even think the spells look half-decent.

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