Splatoon 2, Or Tony Hawk Graffiti Mode

Welcome to Squid Harajuku.

Splatoon 2 has gone down a treat for most Switch owners, which isn't much of a surprise. The original was a good game, only hampered by the fact that it was on a vastly unpopular platform.

So the latest Honest Trailers, which covers Splatoon 2, walks more or less the path you think it would. It's a fun shooter that doesn't concentrate on the wholesale slaughter of your opponents, save for the Salmon Run mode which seems to be some kind of egg trafficking operation for Mr. Grizz.

The things we do for fresh shirts.

Also, I have to concur: please ink your spawn. Please.

This Is Why You Ink Your Spawn In Splatoon 2

The screenshot above shows the results of a Splatoon 2 match I played over the weekend. You'll notice my team won by a tenth of a per cent. If you look closely, you'll also notice how the other team could've stopped us.

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    But hey at least your dumb team mates that refuse to paint anything will be finally be playing the game right!UNEQUIVOCALLY NO! Turf control is everything and people who don't paint need to get the hell out of my ranked lobbies. Or at least go on the other team kthx.

    The Starring section was on point as usual :P

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