Splatoon 2's Lobby Is Full Of Furries

If you've found yourself in Splatoon 2's lobby sometime in the last day, you might have asked yourself: "Why is there so much furry art here?"

Well, dear readers, we have answers.

Furries are people who imagine alter egos in the form of humanoid animals. A lot of the time, it's good, clean fun. It's also a sex thing. Mascot costumes are involved. So when Splatoon 2 players noticed that its lobby has been a veritable furry con for the last day or so, several fans baulked. Sure, the Wii U's Miiverse, and especially the original Splatoon's lobby, got a little raunchy sometimes. Without a Miiverse, Splatoon 2 would surely have a bit more curation. Wouldn't it?

A full half of the images I have encountered since around 1PM yesterday depicted humanoid animals. None were risque, but it's undeniable that furries are a bit controversial. So why is there so much furry art in Splatoon 2? Well, like most ridiculous things, it's because someone didn't want it to happen:

Teal, a Splatoon fan, logged on to Splatoon 2 yesterday and noticed the image. She and her friends thought it was hilarious. And she decided to draw up a response:

"It kinda snowballed," Teal explained. A lot of fans saw the anti-furry post as a call-to-arms:


While some folks advocated for more furry art, others have been pushing back against the wave:

Teal says the takeaway here isn't that furries love Splatoon 2. "We're lucky even a neutered version of Miiverse can remain interesting," she told me. "Nintendo could have easily axed the feature from the new game, but decided not to. I think more developers should embrace this sort of creative integration to their games."

For others, there was another takeaway:


    We get it, Switch has another game after Zelda. Be great if Kotaku could I dunno, report on more games other than splatoon 2 and PUBG...

      Maybe other games should have crazy communities too.

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