Square Enix Teases Final Fantasy 15 On Switch

Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition.

Alright, well, as near as I can figure, Square Enix said something about Final Fantasy XV and Nintendo Switch today at Gamescom. It was less than an announcement but more substantial than a routine "we're thinking about it." Here's what happened.

During a livestream from the Twitch booth at Gamescom in which FFXV producer Hajime Tabata was discussing upcoming projects like the Windows and mobile versions of the RPG, he slipped in an interesting aside about other plans.

"We can't give you any complete, solid details right at the moment," he said, "but we very much do want to move out and do as much as we can with the game and the franchise. There's another certain console out there people may be thinking of. It sounds a little bit like... Twitch."

Obviously, it's a total mystery what Tabata could be talking about here. The Golden Snitch? The Worst Witch? Maury Povich? Oh, no, wait, he said console. Can't imagine which.

"Everyone on the FFXV team loves this specific console that sounds a lot like Twitch, so you may want to think about something like that in the future," he concluded. Jokes aside, that's a pretty specific thing to say about one's future plans.

But that doesn't necessarily mean that Final Fantasy XV as we know it is coming to Switch. It's clear that Square Enix sees FFXV as a franchise in and of itself (Tabata's interpreter even said "franchise"), so the Final Fantasy XV content that comes to Switch could be a spinoff, or something akin to the mobile Pocket Edition, or maybe just a time attack mode that's only Chapter 13.

But today's comments, strangely phrased as they may be, make it crystal clear that something is happening with FFXV and Switch. That's for sure.


    Yeah no, Can almost guarantee its the pocket edition coming to the switch. The switch hardware is not capable of running FF15

      Yep switch version of FFXV mobile would be the safe bet.

      My thoughts as well. However, if the PC minimum reqs are low enough it could mean the full version is coming with pared down graphics.

    I wouldn't mind a combo, which uses the pocket version's graphics to scale the main game down.

    But it's SO just going to be the mobile game.

    Lets not kid ourselves. The switch is not very powerful certainly not enough to be getting the actual game. As others above have said its more likely to be the pocket chibi version. Could still be good though.

    Last edited 23/08/17 8:15 am

    No thanks ff15 is a terrible game.. not re buying it

    Says it all that I'd much rather have 6-12 on the switch. I'd probably buy them again too, mug for those games that I am...

    Ah well, still have my Vita I guess! :)

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