Sydney Gets Added To Overwatch’s Summer Games

Sydney Gets Added To Overwatch’s Summer Games
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After much lobbying, Blizzard is bringing the Overwatch Summer Games back – and for good measure, a Sydney-themed map is being added to Lucioball.

Lucioball was a fan favourite when Blizzard introduced it last year, and with good reason: it’s basically Rocket League, but with Tracer and co. instead of jet fuel propelled cars.

So the fact that Lucioball is back, complete with a Sydney-themed map, is all well and good. But there’s been some structural changes to the mode: Lucio’s ult operates more as a buff, rather than Force Pull The Ball, and you can’t boop enemies away. Jeff Kaplan explained that was to eliminate cheesy plays like booping the goalie out of the way, which should make the game a little fairer.

What should be fun is the addition of a competitive Lucioball mode, which will run for three weeks. It’s called “Copa Lucioball”, but it’s basically just a ranked playlist that sits alongside the regular Lucioball mode. Anyone who gets into the top 500 Lucioball players will only get a special spray, rather than a special skin or badge, but Kaplan added that the three-week season concept could be expanded to modes beyond Lucioball in the future.


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