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    Hello hello! Hope you all had a good weekend.

    FYI: This Week in Games is coming. It's a bit delayed today. Sorry.

      My weekend was bit of boring, but after seeing Frenzal Rhomb on Friday night, it's easy to understand why the rest of it seemed that way ;)
      Now just sitting here waiting on the phone call to tell me my new chair has arrived so i can go pick it up!

        Was it a typical Frenzal concert, ie: The Jay and Lyndsay shit talk lasts longer than the songs in between?

          Well yeah, but your script has to be really tight to come in under 40 seconds.

          hahaha nah was fairly minimal this time actually. Most of that was out of the way at the beginning of the show, and between songs just the odd comment about forgetting chords, and Jason explaining the reasons why he wrote some of the new tracks!

            @welbot Frenzal have awesome shows. Most memorable one for me was Splendour waaaaaaaaay back in 2003 or so where they were paying out John Butler Trio with "John the Butler" serving drinks to a live blackjack game on stage in the corner. Good times.

              Yeah I don't think I've ever left a show of theirs feeling disappointed!
              I've been chatting on twitter with Lindsay for a while now too (under my MC Who account) and I've met him a couple of times since, and it's turning in to quite a friendship :) He even gave me permission to use some music from one of their songs to create a new track that I'm currently in the process of putting together!

    Hot tip: Splatoon rounds fit nicely into the gap where you're waiting for your team to finish after you get ganked in PUBG.

      As someone that doesn't play splatoon I am not sure whether that means I should laugh at the games being short or if it has long rounds and you are saying you die early.

      The latter would make me sad and want to pat you on the head.

        A little from column A, a little from column B. Splatoon rounds are short, but I also tend to suffer from the "everyone drop at school mwaaahhaahahahhaa" type shenanigans which usually involve a quick death in PUBG.

    Splatoon is life. I'm grinding my way to my uber-weapon 96 gal, but i took several hours off to enjoy salmon run. What a great mode that is!

    Also went for a fish at bribie on saturday night. Lovely weather, the stars were in show with no moonlight, and the lack of wind helped my popper game.

    Copped a very good couple of 35cm dinner bream:

    That guy had a 7cm catfish in him, what a greedy guts!

    Also hooked this 2k mama, which was a pretty epic battle on my 4lb line:

    It was full of eggs so i let her go. Also my esky was barely bream size. :p

    Had the bream pan steamed with lemon, parsley, and butter last night. Very nice!

      Nice catches! i went fishing with my dad on Bribie once. All we caught were toadfish :|

    Acutally gave Splatoon 2 a shot on launch night.

    All I can say is "Dayum, I suck!"

    Good game but I really need to hone in some skills as even the first boss of the single player mission proved a challenge to me.

    Did play some multiplayer and basically got owned until I reached level 3 and got the roller. It's amazing how helpful the support is with the roller as long as one is able to avoid being shot.

    But like the first game I might stop once I reach level 4. I'm not the competitive type and it doesn't take long before I become a labially on a team that I am a help.

      Are you using motion controls? I find they are counter productive for me.

        Are you using motion controls?

        OH HELL NO! Turned them off on the Wii U and Switch! I even use the Pro Controller.

        On a side topic though, the motion controls are actually pretty good in Breath of the Wild via the Pro Controller.

        So maybe the team behind Splatoon 2 should get in touch with the team behind Breath of the Wild for ideas.

        Back on topic, I might check the settings again. It would be nice if I could just increase the stick sensitivity on the camera.

        Motion controls feel weird at first, but they are much more precise than the stick controls.

      Keep at the single player. In the second world it gets you to play with the different weapons as well as teaching you how to use them.
      Multiplayer is for fun. I come last on every team. Considering I used to top in splatoon 1, I feel a bit miserable about it, but I'm still helping. As long as you're inking turf, you're still helping.


    I'm currently playing Styx: Shards of Darkness, bought it from EB Games at a discounted price. It's okay, it has good ideas but it feels unpolished. It's got a great setting and lore, but the writing is kinda awful. Feels like the writers were trying too hard to be funny and clever. Z

    Also playing some Overwatch on the side with my friends.

    I didn't do much on the weekend. I came into the work office on Saturday for six hours to work on one of my university assessment items (I'm currently undertaking a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment). On Friday night, my partner and I went out with some friends to a local market for food, then to one of our mate's places to play some card games, like Werewolf and Exploding Kittens.

    Sunday was just a quiet day where I spent the day cooking my lunches for the week (meal prep) and playing games.

    I jumped onto Elite: Dangerous over the weekend and worked on collecting bounties for the community event. Other than doing that, I really have no idea what to do in this game!

    Any pros have some suggestions on what I should do? I really don't know where to start.

      I'm a die-hard Space Trucker.
      There's nothing more relaxing (to me) when I get home from work than to throw on some music (Rebel Galaxy OST works fantastic!) jump in my T9 and hit up my trade route.
      Recently started working on getting my G5 FSD upgrade for my Keelback Explorer, changes things up a bit from trading.
      It really boils down to what you want to achieve. Keeping in mind that the more expensive ships only allow you to do pretty much the same you can do in the lower tier ships just with higher numbers.
      I like winging up and bounty hunting, that's pretty fun.
      I love trading.
      Passenger trips tends to take you to interesting places to see.
      I like changing that up and exploring, especially with all the new ruins/alien bases etc.
      Did a trip to Sag A* once in an Adder, because I could.
      Community Goals is a nice way of meeting other people and getting over to new areas of the bubble.

      At the end of the day that is both the beauty and the pitfall of E:D. You can do whatever you want, and there's no real guidance which can be overwhelming. Do the same thing for too long, or start grinding out towards the Anaconda and Corvette and you'll quickly burn out. I have 1000+ hours in that game, and my biggest ship is the Python but my Cobra MKIII get's more flying time :P
      I dunno, maybe @trikeabout could help more than me.

      You rang? *drops out of supercruise*

      What platform are you playing on? And how much playtime have you actually got yet? Presume you've done the training missions, and you've done enough to navigate to the CG and start beating up NPCs.

      Are you in Open, Solo or have you joined a private group? PS4's been fairly ganker free so far, but I've seen rumbles that some of the ganker groups have started targeting PS4 Open so life expectancy around CGs and starter systems may drop...

      I've been playing since Beta. I reset my primary account when 2.3 came out, as I wanted to experience it "from the start" - as an Elite Explorer with an Anaconda and a couple of hundred million in the bank it's a very different galaxy to trawling about in a Sidewinder or Adder.

      I tend to freelance, and play the way my mood takes me. Last night I spent a relaxing couple of hours mining ice rings in my Python. Over the weekend I was checking out the Thargoid base/hub/colony in my rangey Diamondback Explorer.

      Happy to guide you to fun areas.

      Also, there's a reasonable community of Aussie/NZ pilots on the facebook. Some of us are meeting up at PAX... Elite Dangerous Australia & New Zealand is the group.

        Yeah, decided to head over to the CG for the first time on the weekend and I feel like it gave me some sort of goal and sense of purpose. It was nice to see a few other CMDR's flying around and saying hi.

        I play on Xbox One and I always play in open, I bring on the challenge of griefers! Seriously, I like the idea that players out there that might try and kill me.

        Not sure how much playtime I've got. Would be probably 25-30 hours at a rough guess. I've got myself a Cobra MkIII which is decked out reasonably nicely (i think..). I have a trader setup and a bounty hunter setup. I was thinking about buying a Vulture for bounty hunting, but not sure if this is a good idea or not?

        I'd love some tips on places to go, things to do, quests to complete?

        I'll check out the FB group.

          Yep. Setting your own goals is really the only way to play the game, and CGs are a nice proxy for that. They're pretty varied too.

          Open's mostly fine, and there are plenty of commanders doing good roleplay. It's the fully engineered Corvette sitting outside Eravate ganking starter Sidewinders that doesn't sit well with me... :) A bit of PvP's fine, but pick your target, I say. Shieldless explorers and noobs seems like bullying.

          Cobra is great. VERY fast, decent cargo, decent range. From there, a T6 for pure trading is a good jump. Vulture is a fun ship (one of the fastest turn rates) and managing the heat in combat is a good learning curve.

          Be careful about ranking up your combat rank quickly - more and tougher enemies will target you. This may be ok, or it may not, depending...

          Grab a Diamondback Explorer if you want to see the sights - (or the Sites!), it's now the rangiest ship of all. Easy 40ly with a mild engineer boost. Great way to head out to nearby POIs.

          Do you have Horizons?

          Winging up is lots of fun, but us PC users can't help you there. :)

          Also - Rare Routes.

          Type 6 is good for this - decent jump range and cargo. A couple of laps is worth a couple of million. You won't be able to go to Shinrarta Dezhra (yet) so skip that optional. Buy as many rares as it'll let you at each stop, sell them where it tells you (about 200ly from source is the max profit for Rares).

          Actually, it's been so long since I've done this, I might take my T6 tonight. (I've kept all my ships since reset, they've all got names and ship IDs...)

            Nice, I might try it out. Worth doing with a Cobra fully decked out for trading or wait till I have a Type 6?

            I only have 1mil credits at the moment!

            And yes, I have horizons.

              Cobra can be a little tight on space, but it's doable. Type-6 is perfect. :)

              Have you thought about a HOTAS? Thrustmaster are doing an XBox version of the TFlight HOTAS... :)

                Nope, just the plain old Xbox controller for me.

                If I save up my pennies, is it worth going straight to a Type-7 for trading?

                Also, did my first assassination missions last night, I managed to pick up 2 for the same system. They were great fun and made 500k for 15 minutes work. They don't seem to be very common on the mission board though, is there a way or place where I can regularly pick them up?

                  If you play in open, make sure you know how to run away in a T7. Otherwise it quickly becomes a flying coffin (weak shields, weak hull).
                  I really like the T7 because it's quirky (steers like a truck and constantly overheats :P), and yes, flown right (tug tail and run at the slightest sign of danger) can serve you very well. Otherwise T6 and even the Asp can be worthwhile traders, with the sacrifice of cargo space.

                  I used a T7 for a bit. It's a good truck, and a reasonable mining vessel (lack of medium hardpoints really the only downside). It's 17 million for the base ship and nearly 19 million for a shielded cargo fitout, though, it's not the best jump from a Cobra unless you're saving up for a long time... T6 is the largest cargo bays for around a million cr, 104t with shields, and nearly 20ly fully laden.. :)

                  You can go here: and play with loadouts.

                  Different mission types are more common in different systems - depends on the economy, the system state (civil war, boom time, retreat, famine), population, and proximity to other systems and their state... Assassinations I don't know much about as most of my combat is self-defence or convoy/miner support round resource sites (and I'm not generally a murderer... ;) ). If you're in a system where you've had a few assassination missions, can always relog Open to a private group or solo to refresh the mission board. :)

                  When people talk about refreshing the mission board by switching from open to private and vice versa, do I have to log out to main menu to do that?


                  do I have to log out to main menu to do that?


                  Given that you're in dock anyway, it only takes a few seconds to exit to menu and start in a different group.

      ...and yes, this is my Commander name in game too. :)

    Looked after the house from Monday to yesterday, and I've noticed that Max has started seeming clingy.
    She jumped on my bed last night to snuggle with me, searched under my tv stand for what she thought was a mouse at 4:30am, and since then she curled right back up with me.
    She only got up because I had to have a shower 30 minutes ago, then once I finshed getting ready and sat down to put my shoes and coat on, she jumps onto my lap.
    And... now she's finally hopped off of my lap.

    A few weeks back I picked up a HP AIO PC for $45 & it works flawlessly including the touch screen. Mentioned it to a mate at work last night & he asked how much I wanted for it, told him $300 he said deal. Well that was an easy flip.

      I've been keeping an eye out for a Dell/HP SFF PC to start playing around with PFSense, but it needs to be large enough to add in a NIC with multiple ports (assuming it doesn't come with 2 gigabit ports already)

      My new job in Melbourne town pays for part of certifcations and stuff, so I'm going to do CompTIA Network+ and start looking into more networking/firewall stuff to go down that route I think.

        Oh nice! I've always wanted to play around with a PFSense router, they seem like fun.

          I first got a bit of a taste for it at my last job where we used Watchguard products 99% of the time. New job is mostly SonicWalls, but I wouldn't mind putting something together myself (that doesn't cost ridiculous amounts for subscription fees etc.)

    Proxima B has a moon. I suppose that changes what we know about the planet itself. Rocky moon means rocky planet.

      Does it? Jupiter and Saturn have many rocky moons but are not rocky themselves...

    Got my NAS/Plex server up & running again the other day after upgrades. I really like this case, it's heavy as fuck, and the aluminium is nice & thick.

    Ooh, just got a text from JB saying the new Alice Cooper album is available, totally forgot it was out this week. Can't wait!

    I wonder if anyone can help me locate a game, or at least information about it.

    It was an indie game released around the late '90s, early '00s about a little frog alien thing. I remember it had quite pretty graphics.

    I believe it was called "Wix", but searching for that isn't giving me any information at all.

      What sort of gameplay? The closest thing I can think of off the top of my head would be The Feebles Files, a point-and-click adventure from the late 90s voiced by Robert Llewellyn.

        I'm struggling to remember the gameplay exactly. From memory it was a kind of puzzle-platformer. You moved by clicking on critters. Your character used his tongue to grab them and pull himself to their location.

        Not hugely helpful, I know. I am almost certain that it was called "Wix", though.

        Edit: Found it! "Wik and the Fable of Souls" ( I remembered that it had "Soul" in the title as I replied to you.

        Last edited 28/07/17 1:34 pm

          Sounds pretty amusing (and not unlike Battletoads)

          My google-fu is weak today though. Good luck... :)

          Wow. What a bizarre looking game! I found another one while looking around called Whip the Frog. It's a 3d platformer type of game that was developed during a game jam, and he uses his tongue to grab things and pull himself around too!

            Yeah, it's a weird game but I remember liking it. Unfortunately it seems difficult to either get or run these days.

            I love game jam entries. No sleep, no time to second guess yourself, they're a world of wonderful weirdness.

      My best guess at this would be Gex by Crystal dynamics

        Gex the gecko is what first sprang to mind for me too!

        Either that, or Croc. That's the only other one that comes to mind that had a green character for me.

    Quite a few articles about that Dream Daddy game recently. Think we'll get one covering the death threats an artist received for having the gall to gender swap the characters?

      At least the developer had a decent response to this. As for an article I would say probably not unless there is a follow up or something. Seems to be mostly over and done with.
      I wouldn't want to be writing that article. To me it seems like a marginalised group have seen this a being a game that finally "is theirs" for lack of a better term. And they are super defensive about it, and directing that inappropriately. Although for every negative there is an opposing positive. Although I guess some of the debate around it is rather interesting, for example the trans man saying that if somebody thought that they were not 'man enough' to be genderbent then they would be pissed off.

    Stone Sours new album came out like a month ago, I got it on release, but didn't bother listening to it until last night really. It's a good album, but i'm finding a fair few of the songs are very very average, not sure if they're truly average or because i've lost so much interest in the band since Jim parted ways with them like 4 years ago. But saying that the ones that stand out are the 3 singles they released, Song #3, Fabuless, Taipei Person/Allah-Tea, Hydrograd & Mercy. Which is only like a third of the album.. But oh well. Alice Coopers new album is awesome though!

      Yeah, I found myself tuning out a bit throughout the album, I loved HOG&B v1, but somehow this isn't sticking

        Yeah, HOGAB 1 & and mostly 2 are great albums. Hydrograd, has some great songs, but yeah..

    Despite there being a lot of new games, might play something retro for a while.

    Found a copy of Wing Commander 3 in an op shop last year with the CDs in near perfect condition. Might see how they work in DOS box.

    Or maybe I should do an LGR and see if I can get my old Cyrix running again solely to play the game.


      Still addicted to FFXIV. Send help.

        Well I guess I could roll a Marauder and come give you a hand

          If you do, let me know. I think a bunch of TAY fronds are playing on Coeurl but none of them ever talk to me or added me in-game so not sure. :(

    Spoilered, as I just needed to vent. Although, if you havently logged into Twitch in a long while, you may want to check that you still can.

    Went to play some Minecraft on Sunday, and opened the Curse launcher to see what new modpacks were around. Turns out it's now the Twitch launcher, and requires a Twitch login. Okay, no big deal... wait, why isn't my twitch login working? Turns out, Twitch has a blog. On this blog, they announced a major change to their account recycling policy, which was never sent out to their users via email. Meaning, those most likely to be affected by said policy, would be unaware of the change until they tried to login. So, because of a change in policy that was never communicated, in a completely separate service to the one I was actually trying to access, I can't download modpacks.

      *haven't recently... "havently?" Brain was faster than keyboard, I think.

      Yeah the switch from curse to twitch was annoying

    For all the problems with Comcept and Red Ash, I really enjoyed that short movie/pilot episode thing. Definitely got me craving a Mega Man Legends-like game using the Red Ash IP.

    Aww yeah, my mates bar in town is having a Stone & Wood event next week to celebrate the release of Stone & Woods 2017 batch of Stone Beer. Been wanting to try it out & the manager did inform me they'd be doing something like this. Should be good. I'm hoping they have a Balter event next.

      You're... You don't live in Melbourne do you? The local pub to me is celebrating their 5th birthday soon, and S&W are doing a tap takeover there in a few weeks.

        Nah. I live in the Northern Rivers where Stone & Wood is brewed lol.

          Ah ok, thought it would be a bit of a freaky coincidence if you lived on the other side of the same suburb and I wasn't aware.

            Haha, that's fair enough :P

            Speaking of beer, today is international beer day, and my boss just surprised me with 8 craft beers as a thank for all the extra work i've been putting in lately.

    Damn. Corey Taylor's son has a pretty awesome voice. Corey had him sing lead vocals on one a song at a recent Stone Sour gig. He's gonna go far with a voice like that, especially since he sounds a lot like his father.

    Was up at 5am for work, i'm normally going to bed not long before then because i'm normally on night shifts & it's how i've operated since high school, but I didn't mind being up that early honestly. I was finished & home just after 10, which is nice. Gotta go back tonight for an 8-12 shift but it won't be too bad I reckon.

    Yay, tomorrow I find out that i'm most likely not the winner of the Alice Cooper comp JB HiFi are running. I mean it would be cool to win though, cause i've always wanted to see Alice live & meet him!

    I am temporarily renaming TAY, Talk Amongst Virus.

    I forgot to post this morning. What a numbnut.
    Is anyone up for ranked splatoon? Numbers and I need at least one other person if we can rope Nob into it, but he hasn't been enjoying it so I'd rather not force him.

    So I just found a 13 inch 2014 MacBook Air for a little over $600. Which is insane considering no one is selling them that cheap & it comes with a 12 month warranty, and I've been wanting a laptop again.

    Considering most MacBook Air's in that price range are 2011/2012 models, seems like a good deal.

      Except it's a mac... :p

        Which is a better portable experience than Windows. Even the MacBook Air clones don't seem overly great, because of Windows sucks on a laptop imo.

          Laptops in general suck.. but osx is just ewwwwwwwwwwwww!

            It's not. I used Macs for years along side Windows based computers. I hated it on a desktop, but on a laptop it was flawless. I'm assuming Windows has caught up with the portable experience in more recent years, but eh.

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