Tell Us Dammit: What Board Games Do You Play?

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Friends, I really don't need to play another game of Splendour as long as I live.

Every time my wife's family comes over for dinner, lunch or just to hang out generally it takes roughly 30 minutes to go from "how was your day?" to "hey, who wants to play Splendour?"

What board games do you play a lot? Help me out here, I'm looking for recommendations.


    With my kids: castle panic and legendary. I think CP is great for less experienced players of all ages especially with at least one of the expansions.

    Splendor is great - don't knock it!

    But if you want other 'social' games then maybe Carcassonne, Catan, Bananagrams etc.

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    We're not doing any board games currently, but we are having a cracking time with the Bears vs Babies card game!

    What is the game you have pictures, Mark?

      Looks like Settlers of Catan with extra Pentagrams

    Eldritch Horror, Mansions of Madness, XCOM board game are the regulars with my group, we found we are a bit too competitive and really only enjoy playing Co-op games together.

    There's this game called Splendor that we bust out from time to time. Fairly simple tableau builder where you end up turning the game into a desperate race to hit 15 points first.

    Seriously though, if you're after something easy and accessible the answer is almost always going to be Codenames.

    As for what I play a lot? Turns out I'm a bit of a slut and will play most things with most people at the moment. There are a handful of different board game groups around and I'll join in and play whatever is going. Not helpful in the slightest.

    My girlfriend loves Quirkle for some reason. It's simple but you get to yell Quirkle whenever you want.

      Any game that encourages you to shout the name of the game is a good game. We've houseruled it into more than a few games.

    A few quick suggestions (for people who have realised they like board games, but aren't big on learning a huge ruleset):

    Castles of Mad King Ludwig : This game can tip towards the complex side for casuals, but if you focus on the two main mechanics (Auctioning off rooms, building a cool castle), people usually catch up by the end of their first game, downside is you'll have to allow 30 per person (especially the first time you play). Another suggestion that could go here is Keyflower, but I think that's a small step up in the learning curve to this.

    Seven Wonders: The biggest selling point is simultaneous play (another suggestions here would be RoboRally), no one is ever stuck waiting for a turn for ten minutes. As long as you go through an open hand practice round for first timers, the general gist is pretty easy to pick up. (If they've already played Splendour, they'll be familiar with engine-building mechanics, so it'll be an easier game to learn)

    Mysterium: Yep, Cluedo meets Dixit (another game to recommend). The biggest selling point is you're the only person who needs to have read the rules for the first game, all anyone else needs to know is "try to guess the card I'm giving you clues for".

      I play a lot of different designer board games, but Castles of Mad King Ludwig has been my favourite for quite a while.

      Highly recommend.

      +1 on Castles of Mad King Ludwig. This is such an insanely good game. Pro tip: make sure you don't play with someone who has AP.

      Suburbia is quite a similar game, but I find it just a little bit more user-friendly to newer players.

    New game Century Spice Road is a Splendor killer. Plus it is the first of trilogy that will apparently all inter lock. Loved Splendor but sick of it century spice road play in the same time but better imo.

    Personally been playing

    13 Days (excellent short version of Twilight Struggle) great 2 player

    High Frontier 3rd edition (Insane rocket building exploration game designed by a former rocket scientist, the dark souls of board games)

    Enemy Action Ardennes (brilliant solo, plus 2 player WWII battle of the bulge game, imagine your Kurt Vonnegut trying stay alive)

    Sherlock consulting Detective (Awesome solo or will a group hardly any rules)

    Time Stories (best combination of role playing and boardgaming yet produced)

    Robinson Crusoe (my favourite family coop)

    Evolution (my favourite entry level board game that you keep on playing)

    Betrayal at the house on the hill. Everyone should play that game.

    Also, descent, zombizice, the others 7 sins, arkham horror

    Lords of Waterdeep, Eldersign, Marrying Mr Darcy, Elevenses and ALL THE FLUXX VARIANTS.

    For a simple, fun, endlessly variable game, Fluxx is the best and only answer.

    We managed to get a full, 8 player game of Captain Sonar going recently. That's quite the memorable gaming experience.

    Imagine battleships with a single, moving submarine as your target. Teams of (ideally) 4 players all with different roles order the movement of the sub, track the hidden movement of the opposing sub based on their shouted orders, keep track of the various weapon and tracking systems and try to stop the entire boat from falling apart. Now imagine all that in real time - no turns. everything happening at once.

    It's gloriously intense and very, very silly.

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    Hopefully within the next couple of weeks I'll be having my friends over to play the Dark Souls board game. Other than that it's games Punderdome, Exploding Kittens, pandemic, cards against humanity, King of New york and the Game of Thrones board game

    For quick and ease of play I like Takenoko and Sagrada

    King of New York or king of Tokyo is a good suggestion for pick up and play.

    Survive! escape from Atlantis is good as long as everyone has thick skin.

    For a new, family game, King Domino is great and very quick with mostly familiar gameplay.

    Coup Rebellion G54 I think is my favourite game to play with people who can do the basics of board games.

    Not because it is my favourite game, that is maybe Battlestar Galactica. But everyone is always happy to play it, it takes the original coup and throws in an ounce of randomness with new role cards which can significantly change the accusation process which can lead to lie after lie after lie and a pile of laughter.

    Eclipse with its expansions are a ton off fun also zombicide fun coop board game

    Between Two Cities has been a surprise hit for me and my group.

    Basically, you sit in a circle, building a city each with the player on your left and on your right using tiles arranged in a 4x4 grid. Cities pay off depending on types of tiles and what configuration they're in. So you're often times choosing which of the two tiles you have should go to each city, and players either side arguing for a particular tile.

    The winner is determined by totaling scores and then determining who had the highest worst-designed city! So you can't be focused on one city to the detriment of the other, and also be aware of what other cities are being built so as to stay ahead of them.

    Best of all, it plays in 30-40 minutes even for those new to the game.

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    Zombicide, Love Letter, Sushi Go Party, Tsuro and Bluff.

    Lots of great classics already mentioned, Puerto Rico, Carcassonne, Catan, Mysterium.

    Love me some Secret Hitler. Also, Joking Hazard, Betrayal at the House in the Hill, Dead of Winter, and Munchkin are heaps of fun.

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