The Best Dragon Ball Cosplay Of 2017

[Image: Rajnikanth_0610 | adventure_tm | OmaxDqx]

This year is not over, but this Master Roshi cosplay will be hard to top this year. And next year, too.

That's body builder Taichi Shimizu, who previously, he pulled off a great Zangief cosplay, and at this summer's Comic Market in Tokyo, he did an excellent Master Roshi in his Max Power form.

See how it compares?


The dude even shaved his eyebrows for this.

This is how you power up Dragon Ball cosplay.


    No porn mags?
    That's not the Roshi I remember

      you havnt been watching Dragon Ball Super have you?
      if you did, you would understand.

        haha, nah man, just going off original DB and DBZ from back in the day.

        Whats Super about, if you don't mind?
        I thought it was just like a condensed version with fights and arcs shortened, that sort of thing?

        Last edited 17/08/17 1:58 pm

    Looks like Techno Viking

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