The Best Thing About Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Are The Details

Kingdom Battle is a love letter to Mario and the Mushroom Kingdom, and you see this reverence in nearly every aspect of the game, from mechanics to the animations. Even the flavour text is wonderful.

Right now, lots of people are talking about how Luigi dabs when he sends out an explosive sentry:

This is the least impressive thing about Luigi! Notably, Ubisoft has also made Luigi's infamous death stare a special in the game — well, technically it's called 'Steely Stare,' but we all know that's a reference to the green plumber's murderous face in Mario Kart.

Steely Stare works much like an overwatch move does in similar strategy games: if an enemy moves, Luigi will automatically attack them. So you use Luigi's death stare to kill enemies all the time in this game.

Did I mention that one of Luigi's starting weapons is based on the Poltergust 3000 from Luigi's Mansion? Luigi's sniper is a god damn vacuum cleaner, people.

Actually, I adored Kingdom Battle's weapons and descriptions, period. They're cute and funny enough that you almost forget that you're talking about guns and grenades. Here are some of my favourites. I apologise in advance for the puns:

This is but a small taste of the references, homages, and great animation featured in Kingdom Battle. As I mentioned in my review, playing this game you really do get the sense it was made by superfans, and that care elevates an engrossing tactics game into something truly great.


    +1 and agree wholeheartedly that the level of presentation is incredible in this, so many subtle little animations that you miss if you don't pay attention (Rabbid Peach eyeing up Mario in new ways hen he's not looking is hilarious for us/creepy for him).

    Love the weapons too, just wish you didn't get them quite so easily as I don't really feel I've earned them all that much? It's not XCOM or Fire Emblem, but you feel grateful at least when you can upgrade, so far in this I check back regularly to see what new gun i can buy (guns unlocked through exploring or completing worlds).

    Got this horrid feeling my squad will never expand beyond three characters in battle too - missed that in the reviews, not game ending but it's disappointing again as i'd love some bigger sprawling battles, as well as being able to execute some even more varied team attacks (which are some of the highlights of the battle system).

    Definitely not trying to put people off, still an absolute must if you own a switch and have any vague interest in strategy/puzzle games. Just as I play through I spot a few things (as you do in most games) that would elevate it from really good to outstanding. Curious if any of it will make it into the >sigh< season pass touted dlc.

    Curious how a sequel will go given Ubi's love of them and Nintendo's 2-8 year view on them? Time will tell when i finish but i'd happily pay for more of this, especially with some lovely squad customisation extras thrown in (and permadeath - not that I can ever see that in a Ninty game, although maybe they could just say they've been captured and it's one more i have to free at the end of the game?).

      And wow, that was meant to be a 1 line reply! Think i have issues. Stepping away from the keyboard now.

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