The Cheapest NBN Plans With Unlimited Data

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Two trains leave their stations and travel towards one another. Michelle is on Train A and is scrolling through her Instagram feed. Ben is on Train B and listens to Spotify while reading the news. Forty-five minutes later, the trains pass one another. Who has used the most data?

For some people, maths is fun. But if you ask me to calculate my monthly data usage, on my phone or on my fixed-line connection at home, my eyes glaze over and I'm immediately transported to my happy place. I make sure I have enough data, I don't want to go into more detail than that.

So when the NBN arrives at my place (sometime after the apocalypse, in late 2019) I'll sign up for an unlimited data plan. If you agree, read on for all the unlimited data NBN plans in our database.

(These are all fixed line products. Follow these links if you'd like to see Fixed Wireless or Satellite plans).

NBN 12 Unlimited Data Plans

Amaysim's stupidly popular $40 deal leads the pack here, with the discounted price on the first six month's of service. In second spot is Flip TV, a new provider offering a mix of cheap plans, and a streaming TV service accessing foreign language services.

NBN 25 Unlimited Data Plans

Bendigo Bank jumps out in this list with a promotion offering free setup and a free NBN-ready modem. The plan is no contract, making this a cheap way to try the service without locking in.

NBN 50 Unlimited Data Plans

AusBBS holds pole position with its 'Price Fighter' promo, and a reasonable $75 per month price tag. If you need an NBN-ready modem, AusBBS will send you one for another $75 including shipping.

NBN 100 Unlimited Data Plans

Perennial favourite MyRepublic still owns the 100Mbps space, at least until its super-cheap promotion finishes at the end of August. Keep an eye on the minimum total cost in this comparison. Some of the cheaper options, like Dodo, charge a bomb in setup costs.

With all of the tables, click 'View Full Results' if you want to filter the plans yourself. And, if you've found a great NBN plan in your research, shout it out in the comments.

Joe Hanlon is Publisher at WhistleOut, Australia’s phone and internet comparison website. He’s been writing about phones and plans for far too long.


    *double takes*
    W-wait a minute. That's Lore! I don't want unlimited Lore.

    You almost fooled me Joe.

      Recognising "Lore" instead of "Data" as the image in this article is such a telling point.
      I would not recommend any ISP with any kind of Unlimited Data plan as all you will end up with as a customer is Unlimited Lore (ie: Congestion).

      Last edited 18/08/17 3:42 pm

    MyRepublic are the shittiest ISP I have ever dealt with. Lying incompetent scum on the phones.
    Sign up and it takes a month for them to get back to you. Besides an generic email when you first sign up. My setup is fine, I could get about 97mbps when I was home during a lunch break once. In the evening it bottoms out. Worst speedtest I ever got was 0.01. Their routing is a joke. Best ping I ever got was in the hundreds. Previous ISP would never be over 5.
    Phone support promised equipment upgrades in my area on the next weekend, no diffe
    Rang up to cancel account. Finally done. Then I get another bill.
    Ring up and it turns out my account was turned off but not the billing side of things. They turn that off and promise a refund.
    I get another bill and call again. They cancel my account a 3rd time and it looks like this one stuck. The can't give me a refund of the previous month but will refund this one within a week. It never came through.

    So they severely oversubscribe and your connection drops to dial up. Youtube stutters and Netflix pauses to buffer when you can get it to work. Even ADSL1 didn't do that.

    Their phone support people are liars who do not understand the difference between FTTN/FTTP and ADSL. They lie when you cancel and lie about refunds.


      I'm getting slow speeds during peak but from what I've heard from colleagues on other ISPs it's pretty much the same all over. At least I'm only paying $60 instead of $80+

        I have TPG and it's awesome. 80up and 35down on an NBN 100 plan for $99 per month. Not much congestion at all. Good customer service.

        I have used iiNet and Internode (kind of both the same now) and neither of them had troubles like this. Netflix actually stopping to buffer? Never even had that on ADSL1 and we were as far away from the exchange as possible.

      I went with them and have nothing to complain about. Connection was within the 2 weeks they quoted, router is as good as I need (in a small unit) but the most important thing is the performance has always been fine for me.
      I have FTTP, what do you have? You left that out and it's pretty important. The billing issue is complete crap, especially that they won't refund all of it, but the performance is likely due to technology constraints.

      A couple quick tests just now at 9:30pm Melbourne time: - Down: 95.60Mbps Up: 34.30Mbps (
      Netflix/ - Down: 73Mbps
      Steam - Down: 54.4Mbps

      You're probably part of the vocal minority caught in a shitty situation. I'm one of the lucky people with cheap high quality internet, though not as lucky as the folks in Gigatown.

        FTTP here too. Could you even hit almost 100mbps on FTTN? Maybe if it was on your front lawn.

        As I stated, I could hit full speeds in the middle of the day when no one was on it. It went to worse than ADSL1 in the late afternoon and evening.

          It's possible to get 100Mbps on FTTN but less than 50% of people would be able to, even if the ISPs bought enough CVC and weren't overselling their products.
          My post was less telling you you're wrong or to quiet down, just wanted to point out that ISPs are all out good or crap, there are always unlucky customers even among the best products.

          Also forgot to mention that MyRepublic offer a "Gaming" package that's purely better latency through better routing. Even with the extra $10 for that, it's still cheaper than most other ISPs. My latency is fine on the standard package but if I wanted to play games on international servers I'd absolutely be willing to pay the extra $10.

          Last edited 25/08/17 8:31 pm

            Well the whole problem is they did not buy enough CVC, to the point that the service was unusable. That makes them a crap ISP. They may have enough for others, that's great, but if they are still taking orders for an area that is already oversaturated, that makes them dicks. There was nothing wrong with my connection, I could get full speed in the middle of the day. Just them being cheap on the capacity.

    Excellent starting point.

    Now we just need a website to combine this data with data about which providers can actually deliver on their "promises" - who can actually deliver reasonably close to their stated speeds, even during "peak hour", data about reliability of the connection and so on.

    No point saving $5 per month if the connection drops out frequently or becomes adsl 1 speed for half the hours you'd be home to use it and so on.

    Unlimited data with speeds up to ...

    Last edited 18/08/17 3:31 pm

    getting very competative in the market these new brands

    in counter to the above
    im on MyRepublic...... got max CVC and data rate 24/7 99% of the time its only gone down 2h in 6 months
    cheapest price.... $1 modem thats great
    telstra/TPG/westnet/iinet/internode dont stand a chance

    My republic is good but their customer service is non-existant, which is why ^^^^^^

      On my republic and had 25Mbps a second for most of the past week. Not too stressed, since it's back a 90 today and paying $59 for 25Mbps is still a good deal

      They are good if they purchase enough capacity in your area. See the top comment for why they may be the shittiest choice too.

    I'm actually kinda wary of any ISP that's offering "unlimited" data because they almost always come with a "fair use" or "reasonable use" policy attached.

      It's generally a good deal for normal consumers unless you are completely hammering it above what everyone else does. A lot of households with teens would have multiple netflix streams running every night which would not be abnormal these days. Even if you are torrenting all your content, there is high utilisation for what, 10 minutes for an hour of content?

    The deals that are cheaper than what I pay for cable are all less than 1/2 the speed, and anything up to speed is a lot more expensive. Great...

      yeah it's bullshit.

      we got a letter the other week from optus saying that nbn has come to our area and that we have 90 days to either switch to an nbn plan or they will cancel both our phone and internet.

      we have their speed pack on cable, so i get 100mbit the vast majority of the time. but we're paying less than their 100mbit nbn plan.

      they also wont offer a better price on the new nbn plans (despite being a customer for like 15+ years) because they 'simply cant'. their bullshit excuse is that the nbn negotiations team is a completely separate department, and they cant offer a better deal at the moment because we don't have an existing nbn account. they can only offer a better deal once we have an nbn account setup. which means signing up to their 24 month contract first. but then what incentive does that leave them to offer a better deal?

      Last edited 18/08/17 7:26 pm

        Correct me if I'm wrong, but don't they have to give you 18 months before they disconnect the old equipment?
        There was a thread on here or whirlpool about Optus being dodgy with their NBN swap overs(Forcing customers onto NBN without correct notice), so maybe you'll be able to do something about it. I believe that was adsl to NBN rather than cable that you have tho.

        Either way I wouldn't take Optus customer support on their word, do some research and get an ombudsmen involved if you have to.

        They are lying about swapover time. Look into it. They've been pulling this con for awhile.

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    This comment is not available.

    "NBN" "12" (or even 25 or 50). What a joke this whole thing has become. Should have been 100+ for the whole country at one price point.

      "Our goal is for every household and business to have access to broadband with
      a download data rate of between 25 and 100 megabits per second by late 2016."

    "Perennial favourite MyRepublic still owns the 100Mbps space, at least until its super-cheap promotion finishes at the end of August. "

    What price will it be after the change?

    There is only so many megabytes on the planet, unlimited will doom us all!!!! SAVE THE MB FROM EXTINCTION!

    i want you ALL to know if you have any problems with you ISP not getting the speeds or pings, it because the NBN is run by the government, and there greedy fuck that have bad business pract and are extremely loose with law regarding phone and internet co.

      Or it's run by a shitty ISP who oversell their service and have shite routing.

      My Republic would ping a couple of states away when doing a speedtest instead of the capital city I live in. Also the speed was 0.01

    "Unlimited" is the simple cattle call which is popular for the sheeple looking to get as cheap a plan as possible. But unlimited NBN plans aren't all they are cracked up to be. I would never again go any NBN provider that offers unlimited data as most "unlimited" providers don't know how much data to buy from the NBN, hence every user could get massive congestion if said provider underestimates how much they need to purchase from NBNco. I found that out the hard way, now i've switched to a provider that doesn't even offer unlimited plans and I don't have any problems with congestion anymore, because they know how much data they need to purchase from NBNco in advance, not just guess. 1000GB is more than enough for me.

    I don't normally post on things about internet speeds because it feels a little like waggling the ol' e-peen around.
    But since I didn't notice them on the shortlist I thought I'd shout out to IInet also having a $99 100/40 unlimited plan (which I'm currently on) and while I might be in the minority since I'm on FTTP their speeds have been solid. Never speedtest below the 94MB/s standard, peak or not.

    Honestly interested in others experience with IInet. Will be moving soon so apprehensive about the possibility of having to go FTTN.

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