The Escapists 2, As Told By Steam Reviews

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The Escapists made a name for itself on Steam by blending crafting with prison breaks. So it's not surprising that adding more prisons, multiplayer, and more places to escape from, has worked out well for the sequel.

The general gist of Escapists is pretty simple: you're locked up and you need to maintain a daily ritual while you forge relationships, tools and sus out a pathway to freedom. Sometimes you'll be breaking out of a prison, but other times you won't. That's in the sequel, anyway.

Right now, Escapists 2 is sitting at a 72% user rating from just over 1800 reviews. Steam Spy has the approximate number of owners at just over 119,000, with a margin of error of about 12,000.

The Escapists 2 Starts With Prison Breaks, Then Gets A Lot Weirder

The Escapists was a surprise Steam hit about breaking out of a variety of prisons, each with its own layout and routines. The Escapists 2 still has prisons, but they're joined by a series of weirder, wackier locations and situations.

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Positive reviews have praised to the multiplayer, the joy of a successful prison break, and more or less expanding on the concepts introduced in the first game. The inclusion of drop-in co-op was also singled out as being especially helpful, rather than a more rudimentary host/client system for hosting matches.

Critics have warned about frequent crashes, bugs and glitches that ruin breaks entirely, slightly janky controls and a lack of new sandbox methods for breaking out of prisons.

Here's what users are saying about The Escapists 2:


    well one of those reviews is Null and Void because he tried to eat the game for lunch instead of play it. I probably would have hated eating it too.

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