The Glorious Super Nintendo 3DS XL Is Coming To Australia In October

I'm one of those grumpy people who buys a console once and is done with it. And no fancy special editions — gimme that default.

But man... this is different. I've already got a 3DS XL. It'd be crazy to buy a new one this late in the life cycle.

But... it looks like a Super Nintendo. What am I supposed to do?

Nintendo just announced a local release date for this thing that I will buy with great shame for no other reason than it looks really cool and I want it.

It's $249.95. And I really need that money for food, clothes and shelter. But... it looks like a Super Nintendo.

It. Looks. Like. A. Super. Nintendo.


    If this came out a year ago I'd be all over it, but I'm all over playing games on the 3DS now.

    It'd be crazy to buy a new one this late in the life cycle.The 3DS is on life support at this point, so why not beat the dying horse a few more times and see what remaining cash grabs you can get from the corpse.

    Kind of want.

    Except it's an n3DS XL and I hate those. Also I have like four 3DSes already (one dead). And barely touch them as it is.

    Have your son accidentally shove a Breath of the Wild cart into the XL slot so it 'breaks'. Perfect excuse for a new one.


    I soooo wanted one of these when they were first revealed, but can i justify one now?


    Pay $20 for a Skinomi skin and achieve the same outcome?

    That being said, I've wanted coloured buttons for my 3DS for a while...

    Save your money for the SNES themed switch that will inevitably roll out eventually*.

    *Probably when the successor to the switch has been released knowing Nintendo ;)

    I don't have the willpower to resist buying a SNES-themed 3DS. I have justified the purchase by convincing myself I'll sell my current 3DS and make some of the money back. I play games on my 3DS almost every day and have a massive back catalogue so I think the purchase is worth it.

    Question is why has Nintendo taken this long to release it?

    Don't understand how people would buy this if they already got a 3DS and this late in the console life..

      Because they think it's cool and/or would like to add it to their collection?

        Sure, not telling them don't do it, their money. What I am trying to say is I don't understand why.

          Because 3ds is one of the cheaper console to collect and reasons lol. I personally have so many 3dses I put one cartridge each and just swap around 3ds to play

      Mine's starting to have issues reading carts. I've ordered one to ensure that I can still access what is a fantastic library of games.

        well this I can understand.. .. secretly, I wish they stop with the 3/2ds and instead focus on switch mobile gaming :D

    I DON'T have a 3DS. What's a good price for this?

    Dang it! I just bought the Metroid one. Along with the three Zelda ones, I really dont need another, but then again, it looks like a Super Nintendo!

    This news makes me glad i just picked up a Japanese 3ds XL (or LL as they call it).

    Resist Serrels! You can do it =D

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