The Internet Reacts To Game Of Thrones Season 7 Episode 6

The Internet Reacts To Game Of Thrones Season 7 Episode 6

Did you have a lot to say about this week’s episode of Game Of Thrones (which I’m sure you didn’t watch last week, right)? Best episode ever, worst episode ever, I’m pretty sure we can at least agree that it was certainly An Episode. Here’s some of the best tweets about the bombshell that was Beyond The Wall.

Game Of Thrones Season 7 Episode 6 Recap: Beyond The Wall

I'm calling it -- this is the most important episode of the season thus far. Find out why!

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This week we open on some beautiful scenery north of the wall as the new Suicide Squad (but, you know, not shit) banter among each other. Well, mostly the Hound.

Back in Winterfell, we’re getting some poorly considered tension between Arya and Sansa.

This would have made much more sense.

North again, we’ve had the Hound and Gendry show, now here’s the Hound and Tormund show.

Seriously though can this be a whole show?

The crackship that is Brienne and Tormund is in full sail as the wildling tells the Hound about his lady love back in Winterfell.

We really want this to happen.


Considering the circumstances, Tyrion’s logic is slightly flawed.

Luckily he’s redeeming himself by helping set her up with her future boyfriend.

Which Dany shuts down in the worst way possible, present company considered.

Don’t get too comfy with all this romance stuff, here’s a straight up undead polar bear.

But it’s okay, in the next scene an even worse villain shows his face…

The only thing more puzzling than why Littlefinger isn’t dead right now is trying to piece together whatever his convoluted plan is.

North of the wall we’re dealing with some creepy-ass wights.

Even though we farewelled the Gendry Rowing Meme in the last episode, here comes the Gendry Running Meme to replace it. Rejoice!

Back to Winterfell, which has suddenly become the capital of Bad Decisions.

But there’s at least one reason we’re behind this idea.

Meanwhile, Gendry has run all the way back to the wall, a raven has flown to Dragonstone and Daenerys has gotten dressed in a fabulous winter coat all in time to fly to the rescue.

If only the Hound could restrain himself, Dany would have had a little bit longer to get there, right?

If Tormund dies I quit this show right now.

Some people are noticing that Westeros seems particularly… athletic this episode.

Wait, no, what are you doing? Put that spear down!

We’re still not over this entire plot point.

You know, maybe if Jon hadn’t been an idiot, that dragon would still be alive. Unfortunately Viserion is not the only death Jon is causing tonight.

RIP the only character in this show who was consistently useful.

Meanwhile, Sansa is discovering Arya’s creepy stash of faces, which has to be the worst hidden secret ever.

There’s more fighting, blah blah blah. We didn’t wait years for a Stark reunion to turn out like this.

Also… where is Bran?

Dany and Jon are having an adorable moment but don’t forget for a second that this is still definitely incest.

Also don’t let Jon plan anything again… please?

In case the ramifications of Jon’s bad decision-making was lost on you before this, here’s a summary:

Though we’re still wondering how that chain action originated.

Yup, the living people of Westeros are definitely screwed.

Look out for next week in terrible plans: