The Internet Reacts To Valve's New Game Announcement

Valve just announced a new game! It's a card game based on Dota 2. The internet is confused and upset by this.

Valve hasn't stopped making games, but sometimes it sure feels like it. Their last release was The Lab, a VR collection of Portal mini games in 2016, and prior to that their last major releases were Counter-Strike Online 2 and Dota 2 in 2013. Even if you don't know anything about Valve, you've probably run into the persistent joke about the continued non-existence of Half Life 3.

The lack of releases has made some fans feel like Valve is just resting on their laurels, or a pile of money so large that new game releases just aren't necessary anymore. So when Valve finally announced their new game, Artifact, and revealed it was a card game based on an existing game, the internet got a bit… testy. After the overwhelming success of Blizzard's Hearthstone, there are a lot of card games coming out, seemingly chasing after the latest fad. Hence the most upvoted comment on the teaser trailer on YouTube:

Elsewhere online, you can't deny that the majority of the reaction is well ... disappointment is putting it lightly.

Not everyone is upset, though. Some people see ways that Valve can make Artifact interesting, even if they don't have much hope, while others are truly excited:

Given that all we've seen of the game is teaser trailer that shows off a bunch of triangular gems, Valve could still turn this around. Or, maybe people will still be bitter this isn't Half Life 3. Yeah, the latter sounds more likely.


    Forget HL3, forget advent. All i want from Valve is L4D3. Fuck, I'd even be a deplorable and pre-order it.

      Now Australia can get all the blood and guts with it too!

        Unless there's a woman in it. Can't have sexualised violence like shooting zombies who happen to be female. That's horrific. Now let's all go back to our made for TV dramas glorifying the worst criminals in Australian history.

    Another game I won't play, meh.

    Got bored of these CCG games before the cash in trend started. Last thing we need is another one.

      I'm equal parts annoyed and sad that my favourite game studios have started designing more popular games that are trending but that I don't give a shit about (Blizzard being the most extreme example, their latest games being a TCG, MOBA, and TF2-clone), but on the plus side, it gives me opportunities to come up with new favourite studios.

      There's more games coming out that I want to play than I have time for, so at least I'm ahead.

    Valve are pretty awful at really new IP - they rely on buying out other studios or modders and using their significant resources to dress it up - it happened with TF2 (TFC), CS, L4D, and Portal (Portal was the most successful I guess, because of the excellent writing Valve could bring). This time they've recycled their old IP and entered a market that's already saturated - why would they even bother?

    Valve are far more adept at finding new ways to screw with Steam and make money from ridiculous stuff like digital trading cards. Why they even bother making games anymore is a mystery.

    The entitlement is real. Valve aren't obliged to work on/release their own games, they don't owe the community shit in terms of releasing new products. If they are making enough money through the Steam platform to not need other means of supporting their company then that is awesome. If they have a "giant pile of cash they are sitting on" great - they are a business, making money is kind of an objective.

    And what if they DID release HL3? I guarantee that even if the game was amazing, the internet would find something to complain about - god forbid if the game is average or mediocre. Maybe they don't want to take the risk of tainting the existing franchise. Can't say I blame them.

      It's not entitlement to look forward to finding out what the game is going to be and then being disappointed because it's fairly average.

      Entitlement would be expecting them to make a game just because you want them to.

        Half the comments are "Why are you making this instead of HL3 or L4D3"
        That is entitlement

          True, but the comment I was replying to didn't reference that and was instead in terms of Valve making a game at all.

            True? Absolutely not, there is nothing remotely there that is "entitled" beyond the idea that the opinion they're pushing forward deserves to be heard which is no more entitled than any of us here talking about it.

          No it's not, it's a question... Entitlement is the expectation of something (i.e. people feeling they are entitled to Half-Life 3 or something similar for whatever imagined reason). Saying you think this is stupid and you want them to make something else, isn't entitlement, it's desire. Narrow-minded perhaps, but not entitled.

          Note: Reposted due to edit bug...

          The reason they are making this instead of something I'd be interested in is obvious... money.

          It's not entitlement to want something other than what they are offering, it's also not entitlement to say that. It's entitlement to demand it though. I don't expect it either. I've accepted they arent interested in making L4D3 or HL3. It would just be damn nice if they were.

      I don't think what is displayed is a sense of entitlement.

      But rather, overwhelming disappointment.

      Dude, where's the entitlement? The reaction was to the fact that Valve are releasing a digital CCG in a market that's saturated with nothing that appears to differentiate it, except that it's based on DOTA.

      Looking at something and going "Wow, looks kinda shit, wish they'd spent time on something I like" isn't entitlement - it's just making a statement.

    With all that money rolling in, you'd think they would be one of the few developers who can truly feel safe trying to innovate or do something different for once...

      alternatively, nobody is recognising that their business model has changed over the last decade, and might think they no longer need to make AAA games to make money. They'd have to be making a chitload out of Steam, and with far less resources than a AAA game, so why do more?

        Realistically I think you're totally right, Valve could probably just sit on their butts playing with fidget spinners and still make yearly profits for the forseeable future. It's just a dissapointing thought as a fan of their games :'(

          oh, its definitely disappointing. it just surprises me that people don't give more recognition to WHY they aren't making games these days.

          With Steam and Vive, along with the more or less failed Steam Box, its not like they've really sat still. But because it aint HL3, people aren't happy. People see them as a games company, and just want games.

          Meanwhile, they forget all the other things they do alongside that, which seems to have taken up most of their time and resources.

    Just speak with your wallet.. I haven't logged into steam for years..

    How come this article shows cropped screenshots of twitter with the usernames blacked out? If you're cropping screenshots surely you could just crop the username out, too?

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