The Moment Davos Seaworth Realises Star Citizen Players Will Be Doing Unmentionable Things With His Face For All Eternity

Image: Cloud Imperium Games via YouTube

The big reveal for Star Citizen at this year's Gamescom is the integration of Faceware's "3D facial motion capture", which will allow players to emote via their in-game avatar's face using, well, their face. The developer is labelling it as "Face Over Internet Protocol" or FoIP and will require sensor hardware from Faceware itself for the best results, however, it can work with a webcam though the "quality of facial detection may vary".

The introduction, which for the most part uses the face of actor Liam Cunningham (Davos Seaworth from HBO's Game of Thrones), is rather neat. The motions of Star Citizen technical director Sean Tracy are well-captured, including eyes, eyebrows and even ears.

The multiplayer demo from around the 4:20-mark is less impressive and plays almost like a... machinima? That's the best way I can describe it. I'm guessing it's because the other models have less sophisticated facial rigs and texturing, so regardless of their gesticulations, it's hard to tell if their happy, sad or having a stroke.

At face value (ha!), it seems the next step now that games have mastered text and voice communications. What better way to add more realism, more feeling, than to have players be able to emote in real-time, without the use of smiley faces and thumbs-up?

I can already see a problem though: not everyone is going to have their face captured during play, especially if it needs special hardware. Mass meetups are going to be a combination of manically-emoting necromancers and their Uncanny Valley, zombie-like minions (i.e. their mates).

Still, it's a start. What do you think, Liam?

Image: Cloud Imperium Games via YouTube

My thoughts exactly.

Star Citizen: Faceware Announcement [YouTube]


    I used to be so excited about this game (I bought a $25(?) ship 3 or 4 years ago). Now I just look up every now and then to see where this wayward juggernaut is in it's never ending development purgatory and forget about it for another year.

    The introduction, which for the most part uses the face of actor Liam Cunningham (Davos Seaworth from HBO's Game of Thrones)Thanks for the clarification.

    Watch from 4:45 in the video.
    There is no god......

    Last edited 26/08/17 4:09 pm

    Yup. We don't need a stable base game that is solid and works.. all we need is to move lots of resources to a niche technology that a small minority of people with specialised hardware will use, which also just so happens to get us publicity

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      First it does say that it can be used with a webcam, hardly specialist. Second, it mostly seems to be middleware. It is a publicity stunt, but I doubt it took much in the way of resources or involvement.

        I agree. It's just to distract from the appalling lack of progress and stuttery, buggy shit-show that the game is at the moment.

    Using this photo there are gonna be a hella lot more derpy faces in games

    It frankly dumbfounded me that a scripted demo like that was such a mess after what? 6 years

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