The New Final Fantasy 15 Invincible Suits Look Terrifying 

Earlier this year, Square Enix revealed "muteki suits" (invincible suits) as an upcoming free download. Immediately, they were compared to Power Ranger costumes and soon scrapped. Square Enix has now released the new suits. They are scary.

[Image: Gamekana]

In case you missed Kotaku's earlier coverage, here are the old muteki suits.

[Image: Square Enix]

See how they kind of look like the Power Ranger movie outfits?

[Image: Lionsgate]

The new costumes were included in yesterday's free update. They not only better suit Final Fantasy, but they also look terrifying.

Forget the gameplay, but via Gamekana, check out what the suits look like when you're just driving around.




    Don't like the new look, I preferred the original or better yet give us the actual General Glauca armour set. I do wonder if the invincibility negates the hp drain from using royal arms.

    Here's a really dumb and ignorant question, but I have to ask it.

    Do these suits actually make you invincible in-game, as in... you can no longer suffer damage?

    What's the point? Wouldn't that make the game too easy? Or do they have to be unlocked somehow, once the DLC is downloaded?

      Haven't tried it yet, but from what I've read, it provides a temporary invincibility buff once per in-game day, for 30 in-game minutes (so, like... 1-2 real minutes)?

    Or the aliens from the old Fox sci-fi series Space: Above & Beyond.

      Chigs! Ah, I miss that show.

        Both surprise any remembers it or enjoyed it (it hasn't aged well at all).

        though a Chig appeared in the Halloween episode of Millennium, which was amusing.

          I haven't watched it in ages, it wouldn't surprise me if it's dated though. But I enjoyed it, I had a bit of a crush on Kristen Cloke because of that show. She also appeared in a really good episode of the X-Files, the Civil War past lives/suicide cult one.

    Scary? Terrifying? ....reeeeeeeeeealllllly?

    That's some ludicrously hyperbolic nonsense right there.

    Do they come with a built-in vocoder, so your "heroes" don't all sound like whiny spoiled school boys?

    i bought this game.. played about 2 hours of it..

    I don't know, i used to love FF RPGs.. but now i will hold out in buying new ones. sighs..

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