The New Giant Gundam Seems Seriously Cool 

In Tokyo's Odaiba, a new 1/1 scale Gundam Unicorn statue is being built. It isn't finished, but sneak peeks show that this huge Gundam statue's antenna will move. That's awesome.

[Image: gundam_zousho]

In Unicorn Mode, the RX-0 Unicorn Gundam Mobile Suit's antenna juts out like, you guessed it, a unicorn. When it goes into Destroy Mode, the Unicorn Gundam beefs up his armour, exposing glowing sections on the mobile suit, and its unicorn antenna splits into a V-fin. As Hachima points out, like so:

Right now, because the new statue isn't completed, we don't have a good look at how the real-life Unicorn Gundam will work, but we do have these sneak peeks:

Can't wait to see the finished statue.


    Have been to DiverCity twice (for the chip cafe!) and the original Gundam statue was pretty amazing. Really keen to check out the new one on my next trip to Japan.

    I’m heading to Odaiba in October. Any news on when it’s due to be completed?

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