The New Overwatch Beach Skins Are ?

With a new Overwatch event comes new skins, and the new outfits for the Summer Games are pretty dope.

Summer is for lying out on the beach, getting your tan on, and barbecuing, and the new Overwatch skins have that on lock. You can check 'em all out on the Overwatch website, but my personal highlights are Widowmaker's swimsuit and Soldier: 76's barbecuing outfit. Look at his extremely useful apron!

Also peep his rifle:

For some reason, people are also really digging McCree's new Lifeguard skin. I have no idea why…

Anyway, good luck getting these in your loot boxes! Have a gander at the rest of the new skins, while you're at it:


    Must have the junkrat and reaper skins. All I have to do now is wait behind the 10000 people to get access the the servers

    wow and ouch. i will be buying loot boxes because i'm impatient.

      why do you reward blizzard for such a deplorable money grabbing practice. over priced skins are BS. dont be an enabler.

        What are you talking about? Everyone who plays Overwatch knows that loot boxes are cosmetics only. They made an outstanding game and don't charge for new maps, modes and characters. It's not bullshit in the slightest of people want to buy lootboxes.

    Look great. But just think of all the sprays and icons you'll most likely get instead!

    Never understand Summer skins in games. Like, the players are all inside playing games, not sitting on a beach like a glam mag. I guess it's a sort of pretend lifestyle projection thats designed to reassure the gamers sitting in side all day repeatedly playing the same game over and over again until you've outgrown your youth and become a over weight middle-aged man/woman as normal?

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