The Next GTA Online Update Is All About Planes, Smuggling And Races

The Next GTA Online Update Is All About Planes, Smuggling And Races

Grand Theft Auto Online’s next major update is about helping Trevor’s neighbour and paranoid friend, Ron, build a smuggling empire. This new content drops on August 29, and, as usual, will be free.

Players will gain access to new air vehicles, including older style fighter planes, bombers and even ultralight planes. All of these planes will be customisable and stored in a new hanger.

The Next GTA Online Update Is All About Planes, Smuggling And Races

This spring will also see the addition of a new type of stunt race, Transform Races. These new races will span across land, sea and air — meaning that players will have to switch up their vehicles throughout the race. During these races, special checkpoints will instantly transform your vehicle into something new. So you could be driving a car, hit a checkpoint, and then start flying a plane. Sounds exciting!


  • I should be looking forward to this, but all I think about is the people spending big money on sharkcards are the ones that’ll come out on top.

    • this! i love GTA 5, really really enjoy playing it. except when there is all this expensive shit that costs hours and hours worth of grinding to maybe be able to afford it, its not worth the pain doing the all the unfun things to maybe get there, you know, if you happen to be in a server by yourself or even rarer, a server that has like minded grinders willing to exist in harmony doing the same sort of thing.

      • I always try to find people that just have a fun time playing the game. I once spent hours just driving a bus around collecting players and chatting. Made for a very enjoyable experience.

        • haha, awesome. yeah i like when people just dont shoot and all of a sudden you start doing crazy shit together. i found a group of guys once playing a game with someone standing on the train and the rest following in cars and all they could use was the car to try and land on the train to kill the dude. they gave me their teamspeak server and let me hang around. one of the very few gem moments in the gta v online community.

          • Haha that actually sounds awesome. I love riding that train. Spend a whole session just coasting along.

    • Thing is, I’ve yet to see anything that gives anyone an honest edge over anyone else.

      I’ve never spent a cent of real money and I’m still rich as hell with all the bunkers, businesses etc.

      • That’s some serious grinding, and I respect that. But for myself, who plays maybe a few hours a month, obtaining all those cars, weapons and bases is difficult. And those people with money to spend use it to buy tanks, and jets capable of exploding you up in seconds.

        • I have been prone to a good grind now and then, though I tend to hold out till a 2x RP and Cash event these days so it’s worth the hassle.

          Jets, tanks, choppers and weaponised vehicles are nothing to write home about, tanks attract too much attention and are too easy to leave behind to be a hassle and anything that flies has paper armour anyway.
          That’s why jet and tank scrubs barely rate anymore.

          The only unfair advantage I’m seeing at the moment is the flying bike meta that allows people to quickly move sniper nests from building to building to constantly have the height and distance advantage.

          The other meta is armoured cars still, many which are free for long time players (And they are cheap as balls if not)

          • I haven’t jumped in since the last update. Those stunt/rocket bikes look like a pain to handle.

          • Ha, they do, haven’t had the pleasure myself.

            I won’t argue the curve in this game when it comes to making money though.
            It’s designed so you really make the same amount no matter what you do and cash drains are rampant.

  • This is confusing, random people on the internet said that Gunrunning was the last DLC and that GTA Online is dead.

  • I was messing around in the creator making a race, and when i was placing checkpoints, 1 allowed me to change the vehicle like in the new races, but i dont know how to do it again, is there a way to make these races ourselves seeing as i was able to place a checkpoint like the one n those races

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