The Pokemon 'Tree Of Life' Is Predictably Massive

Image: InnocuousSpaniard / Reddit

Over the years, Pokemon have been sorted, categorised, graphed and charted in hundreds of ways. If no previous attempts have satisfied your need for order, then this Pokemon "tree of life" might help you make sense of the franchise's curious selection of fauna.

The unofficial tree has been around for a few years and has been updated with the arrival of new Pokemon. The most recent version, 4.0, includes creatures from Pokemon's seventh generation.

Here's the full tree, which you can click for a larger view.

Image: InnocuousSpaniard / Reddit

Connecting the dots for some relationships are clear — plant-based Pokemon, for instance — while others, such as the artificial creations, are disconnected from the tree altogether.

Originally created by Reddit user "TinySamurai", another user by the name "InnocuousSpaniard" appears the be the current steward, so keep an eye out on his contributions if you want to stay up-to-date with Pokemon genealogy.

Pokemon Tree of life for generation 7 [Reddit, via Geekologie]


    Hey wait... humans are at the top of one of those branches! Does that mean humans are pokemon? And if so, can people be trapped in pokeballs? This feels like a Pandora's box of ethical and technological quandaries.

    It's nice to have a map of how they ruined pokemon. :P

    *shakes head* If only they stopped at the original 151...

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