The Ways Brock And Misty Have Changed Over The Years

Next month, Brock and Misty are returning to the Pokemon TV anime. The trainers appeared in the original series, and just as Ash has changed over the years, so have they.

[Images: TV Tokyo | GIF: Kotaku]

The art style for subsequent series evolved and changed, so when Brock and Misty made appearances, they did, too.

As Kotaku previously reported, both Brock and Misty will be airing in two Sun and Moon episodes next month. Here is their official Sun and Moon character art:

[Image: TV Tokyo]

And here is how the characters have evolved:

(If you are wondering why Red is at the top, Twitter user hituhashi_Pokem explains here. You can read more about the manga Satoshi that was directly based on Red.)

Sun and Moon certainly marks a stylistic departure for all three characters. But is it for the better? Or worse?


    Brock and Misty look fine but something about the new Ash is weirding me out. least that's what my 6yr old said *cough*

      its because they took away the deadly sharpness to his hair

    yeah just changes of animation, they look terrible

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