Update: Xbox ‘Project Scorpio’ Is Already Sold Out On The Microsoft Store

Update: Xbox ‘Project Scorpio’ Is Already Sold Out On The Microsoft Store

Update #1: That was quick. According to Microsoft Australia’s online store, the Xbox One X ‘Project Scorpio’ is already out of stock.

Well, Microsoft did say it was a limited-edition console. Do you think that number was in the hundreds, thousands or tens? Hopefully we’ll still be able to snag one in-store on 7 November. We’ll be updating with more news as we get it.

Update #2: It seems that some shoppers are still able to complete their orders on the Microsoft Store. Click here and try your luck!

Original article below…

The limited-edition “Project Scorpio” Xbox One X will be hitting shelves on 7 November. If you have your heart set on this snazzily enhanced console, you can pre-order it from the Australian Microsoft Store right now. Here are the details!

The Xbox One X 1TB Console Project Scorpio Edition will set you back AU$649. As we explained earlier today, this is essentially the same console as the Xbox One X with a custom design, “exclusive” vertical stand, limited-edition controller and a much cooler sounding name. (“Project Scorpio” is what Microsoft called the beefed-up Xbox One during development, before plumping for the clunky-sounding Xbox One X.)

Microsoft is pitching its latest Xbox as the world’s most powerful console. It packs in a 4K Blu-ray player, six teraflops of graphical processing power, 12GB GDDR5 RAM and 326 GB/sec memory bandwidth, to name a few noteworthy improvements over the Xbox One. You can see a full list of specifications here.

To be honest, the only reason to buy this version of the console is if you’re especially taken with the new design. (It is modelled after the original Xbox with a black, graphite textured casing and green font.) If this sounds like you, click here to pre-order the device now. Microsoft is throwing in free delivery and will accept free returns for exchange or refund.

Who’s planning to pick up an Xbox One X in either its original or Project Scorpio form? Let us know in the comments! ‘


  • To be honest, the only reason to buy this console is if you’re especially taken with the new design

    That, and knowing that you’re (most likely) getting the best console versions out there. That’s my rationale – I don’t have a 4K screen yet but like knowing I’m having the best experience on offer.

  • To be honest, the only reason to buy this console is if you’re especially taken with the new design.

    Yeah I have a Pro and while this is obviously more powerful, its not that much more. A lot of third party games that are not hitting true 4k on Pro are also not hitting true 4k on the One X. I had the money there for it but decided to get a 1080 for the pc instead. Will look at getting one maybe Xmas 2018 when it will be cheaper.

    But hey if you dont own a Pro yet then jump on this.

    • Hold up there sailor. Raw specs on the XB1-X has twice the GPU performance of a PS4 Pro. Also, I’m not sure how your commenting on when and if a XB1-X is hitting its target performance with an unreleased console.

      • Sure, double the GPU but not even close equivalent with the CPU. Reports are 30% more. Bottleneck incoming..

        And as for being an unreleased console, that’s irrelevant when game developers have already come out saying X game wont be true 4k on the X , just checkerboarding, and also only 30fps. Same as Pro. Now unless there is something sinister going on, Conspiracy!!, with that much supposed power why wouldnt the devs be able to get the games running at true 4k with at least the same visual quality as on Pro and at 60fps?

        Some of the games that are the same on both consoles re resolution and fps according to the devs themselves are Anthem, Destiny 2, Ass Creed Origins and Shadow of War. Some pretty massive titles right there.

        You could argue that of course they could get any game running at true 4k and 60fps on the X, and I mean any game at all, but at what loss of quality? Do we really want that much of a downgrade in visuals just for those magic numbers?

        Look if when the console is actually released Digital Foundry compare third party multi platform games running on the X and the Pro and there is actually significant differences then I will jump all over the console. But from what we know and what Devs have said, the differences will be minor apart from Console Exclusive games.

        And with all that power I am still confused as to why Crackdown 3, a console exclusive, is also only 30fps. I mean its not even that amazing visually. So no idea what happened there.

        • You just made an argument based on lowest common denominator targets. Yup, crossplatform titles will almost certainly have equal performance targets in order to reduce development costs.

          Also, consoles are in no way as CPU bottlenecked as PC’s are, mostly because of fixed target coding and low level access giving better parallelisation.

          • While I agree that the new Xbox is incredibly powerful compared to the pro, I would hold off on the claims that cpu will not be a bottleneck. In modern games cpu is way more important for resolutions lower than 4k, which is mostly caused by the ridiculous amount of moving parts that modern games use.

            I would probably wait for a couple of cross platform triple AAA games that really emphasise crisp visuals and have to throughput a lot of data at the same time. DF will undoubtedly have a video quicksmart, but I just hope it isn’t a lazy one for titles that weren’t really designed with the new hardware revisions in mind.

          • Yup, crossplatform titles will almost certainly have equal performance targets in order to reduce development costs.

            What cost is there involved in upping the fps limit to 60 from 30 or the res to 4k if the power is there? I would argue little to none.

            Also, consoles are in no way as CPU bottlenecked as PC’s are

            And yet D2 is cpu limited on the pro according to the devs. With little difference in cpu between the 2 consoles I bet its the same reason with the X.

            Many game related things for D2 are cpu bound and they just dont cut it. Basically the GPU could be 100x better and would still have the same issue, at least in this case.

          • You do realise CPU’s are used for a raft of other things than acting as a pipeline scheduler right?

            D2 is likely CPU limited because of other systems that need to run (on a lowest common denominator multi platform system). In fact, his tweet alludes to this “All consoles will run at 30fps to deliver D2’s AI counts, environment sizes, and # of players” – see no mention of GPU pipeline.

          • Digital Foundry demonstrated CPU bottlenecking on the PS4 Pro late last year where frame rate improvements were shown to correspond to the same change in CPU performance, it’s definitely a thing for that console. Whether that’s the case for the XB1X remains to be seen.

  • I really don’t get this generation’s “pro console” releases. With rumours of a new Playstation as early as 2019, why bother throwing $650 at a new console now?

    • If you hadn’t already bought one then I can see it might have some appeal, especially if you have a 4K TV. But yeah, having already bought an original PS4, I don’t see enough of a jump from that to either the Pro or X to justify the cost of upgrading to either.

    • It’s more likely to be 2020 or 2021 at the earliest. Sony is crushing it with the PS4 already. They would be doing themselves a MASSIVE disservice if they launched a PS5 in 2019.

  • There almost certainly won’t be another console ‘jump’ – everything will be iterative. Buy the console with the performance you want today, games that come out on a ‘new’ console will almost certainly work on your ‘current’ one (up to a point of course).

    • I’d sure hope there isn’t another jump. Last generation was 8 years long and it held back tech advancement even in the PC space as companies increasingly targeted cross-platform. As much as I dislike annual hardware cycles like what plagues the phone industry, for gaming it’ll help produce better games.

      • So long as they actually use that power. The early 2000s saw a lot of technically great games but there were a lot of iterative FPS games with graphics++ too. We’re not far off the plateau with graphics, so devs will have to look elsewhere to be innovative.

  • Hey guys EB games still have them for Presale. Same with JB Hifi. Plenty more it seems! Got mine!

  • I have the ps pro, and I just got down to eb for the very last project Scorpio available at that store. Which I found to be bullshit if I had missed out because I had the xbox one x pre ordered for months, I had 50 bucks down on it as per all console pre orders, then I get the text to upgrade so I call up and they say you have to have a 100 down to get the Scorpio version, and on top of it I couldn’t pay over the phone had to go in ffs

      • I also had a terrible EB Games Experience (Albert St, Brisbane CBD)

        I went in on the morning of the XBOX One X reveal during E3 in June and was told I could only register interest (this was due to Microsoft I believe)

        So I went in first thing yesterday morning and the store manager scoffed at me when I asked to place a pre-order. “Oh I only got 8 you won’t be on my list”

        I asked if he could at least check and then when I asked when others who had secured one by way of pre-order he was incredibly evasive. Ergghhh

        Still ignoring me he told me to just go online.

        Thanks Captain Unhelpful, I had bought from the same store the Switch, PS4 and Xbox One at launch and attended the midnight releases and whilst that doesn’t entitle me to more than a regular customer it would have nice to get some level of customer service that everyone deserves.

        Way to ensure I will never go in your store again, asshats.

        Anyway I have a pre-order now from JB so all good.

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