There Is A Comedy Show About Esports

Yeah, that's Terry Crews

Not to be confused with the long-running Australian show, here's the first trailer for Game Grumps' new seriesĀ Good Game. Which is all about the esports scene surrounding the made-up game Killcore.

The show stars Game Grumps' Dan Avidan and Arin Hanson, and if you think their weird little team of gamers don't look like your average esports team, that's the point (the "average esports team look" is nailed pretty well later on in the trailer).

It starts August 30 on YouTube's subscription service, YouTube Red.


    Not hard to improve on the AU Good Game tbh ;)

      Those are two entirely different shows mate ;)

    You Tube Red? No thanks... I will just re watch Video Game High School... for free...

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